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Circle (써클) is a five member kpop girl group under Chosun Acoustic and Soma Office. It is the first multinational kpop group consists of Korean and Japanese (one of them has a Chinese descent) members. The members are Ayako Ogawa, Lee Jihyun, Han Boram, Yuka Eguchi and Shirayuki (Baixue). The fandom name is 'Circle' and the color is blue.

The group debuted in August 12, 1998 with their album, "Graduation" with a single, "Sweetest Love". Sweetest Love was loved and enjoyed considerable popularity, ranking in the top 10 on music broadcasts. A Japanese version of this song was also released and promoted in Japan.

In 1999, Ayako left the group to pursue her career as an actress. She was replaced by Ryu Semin, a former child actress and newly recruited member, but dropped out because it didn't match to the team's colors.

Circle 2nd

In spring 2000, the group was promoted as four members and they dyed their hair so brightly for the next comeback. They released their second album, "Magic Eyes". The funky title song "Something" wasn't received very well, so they dropped it early, and quickly replaced it with the follow-up song "It's All Right", which had a girlish vibe like the previous album.

After promoting their second album, they planned to release their second single in Japan but the group disbanded due to the poor performance.

meet the members!

Ayako Ogawa
Ayako Ogawa (小川 綾子, 오가와 아야고)

Birthday: 7/17/1982

Height: 162cm

Blood Type: O

Nationality: Japanese

Positions: Main Vocalist

Hobbies: Playing the guitar, shopping

Lee Jihyun
Lee Jihyun (이지현)

Birthday: 10/12/1983

Height: 160cm

Blood Type: B

Nationality: Korean

Positions: Vocalist

Hobbies: Listening to music, sleeping

Han Boram
Han Boram (한보람)

Birthday: 2/14/1984

Height: 164cm

Blood Type: O

Nationality: Korean

Positions: Vocalist (Main Vocalist in the second album)

Hobbies: Singing, cooking

Yuka Eguchi
Yuka Eguchi (江口 由香, 에구치 유까)

Birthday: 9/22/1984

Height: 163cm

Blood Type: A

Nationality: Japanese

Positions: Vocalist

Hobbies: Cooking, doing rhythmic gymnastics

Shirayuki (Baixue)
Shirayuki (Baixue) (白雪; 시라유끼, 바이슈에)

Birthday: 9/29/1986

Height: 157cm

Blood Type: AB

Nationality: Chinese-Japanese

Positions: Vocalist, Maknae

Hobbies: Karaoke


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