Congratulations, you've finished Untitled!!!!

I write this story based my delulu thoughts (please don't take it too far ^_^) and yeah the plot twist is very very crazy... You really don't know what's the exact plot of the story –w– About Y/N and her friends, Mochi and Yuki; just imagine yourself with your friends. ^^

While I'm writing, I kept on laughing and crying because of the funny scenarios and imaginations. You also feel the same when you read this.

Also the Tiffany era was much crazier and chaotic for me because Myunghoon is definitely young and pretty. (also the members too) That's why I decided to made him as delulu. ^^

The beginning is very funny but in the further chapters is taken seriously. I just let my thrilling feelings here in the story... ^^

Thanks to my friends, Eileen and Aimie for motivating me to write this crazy story. I know you two already thrilling now. ^^ Please look forward for the Summer AU and JYP (idk whats the title) AU! Thanks for reading this piece and you can re-read this again and again!!! (wAe KurOnji MolLaaaaAaaaaa~~)

love, yukine. :3

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