This AU will take place in Tiffany era.

Sungjin, Yoomin, and Hwansung went to the cinema to hang out. They're watching Titanic. Yoomin and Hwansung keep talking and laughing as they enjoy it while Sungjin sat still and I'm watch. There is a scene were Rose and Jack stand together.

Hwansung: Hehe.. It seems this scene is so romantic.
Yoomin: Yeah it's gives me goosebumps like.. it reminds me of someone here.
Sungjin: Who?

Yoomin and Hwansung stared at him blankly.

Sungjin: [chuckles] Oh is it Romeo and Juliet? That was an interesting story. Just tell everything about it with Myunghoon.
Yoomin: No I mean you and–
Person: Shhhh!!! Keep quiet!

When a person told them to stay silent, Yoomin and Hwansung ended up laughing. Sungjin sighed because of them. There was intense scene where the ship is sinking.

Hwansung: Oh my god, Yoomin. Look, it's sinking....
Yoomin: [gasps] NOOOOOOO!!!!!

They're both crying so loud because of the ship sinking including Rose and Jack. It was very sad to watch it. A person got truly pissed off because of their noises.

Person: Can you two please stop crying so loudly?
Hwansung: [cries] We can't stop crying because of that scene!!!!
Yoomin: [sniffs] Yeah, look people here are drowning and also them!!!!

Person: Can you please get out of here if you want to talk!!!
Hwansung: We don't want to miss this scene!!!!!
Yoomin: We're really waiting for the kissing scene after the ship sinked!!!!

The person glared in anger and began to chase Yoomin and Hwansung. The two run away from him. They made a mess infront of everyone watching the movie.

Yoomin: There's no way you can catch us!!!!

---at school---

Math Teacher: Okay, if there were an even integer N = p + 1 larger than 4, for p a prime, that could not be expressed as the sum of two primes in the modern sense......

The students are bored and some of them are fell asleep. They don't really like the math subject because it's hard to understand. While the math teacher is teaching, he heard Yuki's snores.

Y/N: [yawns] This is so boring, now I'm going to sleep.

She was about to fall asleep but she heard the Math Teacher's yells to Yuki.

Math Teacher: [smashes the stick] Yuki! I said don't fell asleep!

Yuki got shocked and he got slapped by the math teacher. The math teacher give him an intense stare. He proceeds to continue the lesson.

Math Teacher: Okay let's continue....

Y/N and Mochi are talking quietly. They want to listen for the lessons but they have no time because they have some plans for later.

Mochi: Okay, Y/N. What where going to do after school?
Y/N: I don't know... The members were busy for something today.
Mochi: Maybe we can hang out with Sunghoon or Myunghoon if you want.
Y/N: How about three?
Mochi: I don't know, Yoomin sent me a message in this morning that they're going to the cinema to watch Titanic.
Y/N: Wait, what?! He supposed to come here at lunch after the cinema! Why you forgot to tell him to come here and they will go somewhere!
Mochi: I'm sorry! I didn't know!
Math Teacher: Shhh!! Y/N and Mochi, I said no talking in class!!!

The students are staring at them blankly. The math teacher got angry for not following the rules. The two are staying outside.

Y/N: Okay, Mochi. We're outta of here and what's next?
Mochi: We don't know, we just stay outside and doing nothing.
Y/N: We don't know either... Plus, [sighs] our math teacher is very angry at our simple things...
Mochi: It's okay, Y/N. Few steps left and now we're graduating soon! So we can escape from his madness!
Y/N: But entering high school is very harder than you thought....
Mochi: Yeah, you're right.... Anyway, where will you study in high school?
Y/N: Maybe at your lead so we can be together forever.. I'm glad to have you and Yuki this year and hoped we still together in our next journey...
Mochi: Thank you for your warm words, Y/N! I'm also grateful to help you for Myunghoon!
Y/N: [exclaims] What?!! No!!!! He's already has someone, I think!
Mochi: No way, it's actually you!!!

They keep teasing together outside. Yeah that's what best friends for.

---at the gym---

Sunghoon and Myunghoon are at the gym to have workouts again.

Sunghoon: Hey, wanna take a break?
Myunghoon: I'm going to break later. I'm going to finish this.
Sunghoon: We have something to do later and we have to prepare for tonight.

Myunghoon turns off the treadmill quickly as he heard the schedule for tonight's.

Myunghoon: We have a schedule on tonight?!! Wait I thought it's on tomorrow?!!!
Sunghoon: Yes, as our manager said this morning. You haven't heard it?
Myunghoon: No, I was in the cafe earlier morning. Why you didn't tell me earlier about this? ㅜㅜ
Sunghoon: [sighs] I'm unable to send a message because I don't have signal... ㅜㅜ
Myunghoon: [mutters] It's alright, it's alright... We have to practice quickly!!!!
Sunghoon: Myunghoon wait–

Myunghoon grabs his wrist and quickly leaves the gym as they're going to practice for the performance tonight.

---at the fancy event---

NRG performed in a fancy event alongside with some popular and veteran artists. After they perform, they just sit down until the end of the event. Myunghoon just fell asleep again. Yoomin tries to wake him up.

Yoomin: Hey, hey! Wake up, we have to wait until the end!! Sungjin, wake him up!
Sungjin: Okay!

Yoomin commands Sungjin to switch seats just to wake Myunghoon. Sungjin tries to wake Myunghoon up but he still asleep. He sighed and puts Myunghoon's head on his shoulder as a cushion. He's touching his hair with his fingers to relax.

Sungjin: [whispers] Hey, why do you fell asleep again?
Sunghoon: Hwansung, tell it to our manager to stay these two at the hotel to sleep.
Hwansung: Okay!!

He goes to the manager to tell him to give Sungjin and Myunghoon to stay at the hotel because Myunghoon is sleeping already. The manager agrees and let them Hwansung runs back to them.

Hwansung: [whispers] Sungjin, you're all set!
Sungjin: [thumbs up] Thank you.

He carries Myunghoon to leave and go to the hotel room to get him some rest. The members watched the two leaving.

Sunghoon: Oh my god, it seems they're so cute together again!
Hwansung: Yeah, exactly! Hoped they have a good sleep tonight!
Yoomin: I know there's a sweet twist between them!!

The three laughed together as they joking about the two together again.

---at the hotel room---

They finally entered the room. Sungjin carries Myunghoon and put him on the bed to sleep comfortably. He noticed that Myunghoon's suit is still worn so he carefully take them off and covered him in a blanket. Sungjin decides himself to go back to the event or stay to sleep with him.

Sungjin: Should I go back or stay with you?... Some people watching here needs us but you fell asleep.... Maybe I have to go now, Myunghoon.... Have a good sleep!

He left the room and closed the door. He was about to go back but he realizes that he left Myunghoon behind. It seems he's scared for the things will happen. He changed his mind to stay with Myunghoon.
He is about to go to the bed but Myunghoon turned around and spread his arms apart. He giggles because it was cute to see it. He goes to the bed and lays down beside Myunghoon.

Sungjin: [whispers] Good night, Myunghoon.

He smiled and closed his eyes to fall asleep. Myunghoon can feel him in his dreams. The reason Sungjin wants to sleep with Myunghoon because he wants to protect him.

To be continued....