This AU will take place in Tiffany era.

The stylists re-styling their looks for the next promotions. The styling is still the same. Sunghoon and Hwansung's hair grows longer, and Sungjin and Yoomin's hair styled the same as the debut. While Myunghoon's hair has changed. His bangs swept aside to look more handsome and mature but the pretty and cute side still mixed on his looks. When his eyes blinked, the mirror shined on him and that means his feelings will change.
On the next day, they went for another promotions. The members were very excited to film in the beach. They're playing rock, scissors, paper happily. While Myunghoon is silent, looking at the view. He feel nothing. He didn't know what will happen.

"Rock, scissors, paper!"
Yoomin: Ahhhhhhh you're out, Sungjin!
Hwansung: Hey, we need one more!
Sungjin: We don't know who is it.

While he looks around, he saw Myunghoon.

Sungjin: [pats him] Hey, wanna join us to play?
Myunghoon: Uhh... yeah....

He smiled awkwardly as he's not feeling good a little but he would love to.

Sunghoon: Okay, Myunghoon-hyung has joined the game!
"Rock, scissors, paper! Rock, scissors, paper!".....

---at the shoe store---

Y/N: Is it fits to you Mochi?
Mochi: Yeah but– Oh-wuh-wuh-wuh!

She was almost out balanced but Y/N helped her to stand properly.

Mochi: [sighs] This heels are not fine for me...
Y/N: Maybe, you should try the comfortable ones instead.
Mochi: But I want these–
Y/N: Look at this, it's similar to the ones you wear but the heels were lowered.
Mochi: Wow!!!

She proceeds to wear the similar heels and it feels normal for her. She was impressed to have these heels.

Y/N: Do you feel better now?
Mochi: Uh... yes!!

For Yuki, he brought his sporty outfit and accessories which made him cool. It seems Y/N and Mochi were laughing when they saw him just like Myunghoon in public. Yuki took them off as he got pissed by them.
Now it's Y/N's turn. She wants new sneakers. With a glance, her eyes twinkled when she saw a colorful sneakers. She wants to get it but she didn't reach it because the display is too high.

Y/N: Mochi, can you reach it for me?

Mochi: Sure.

She tries to reach the colorful sneakers but she can't even she do tip-toes or jump.

Mochi: [sighs] Sorry, I can't. Yuki, go for it.
Yuki: [salutes] At your service!

He is the tallest among of the friends and he knows he can reach it. Ironically, he can't because he's actually short. Y/N and tries to reach the sneakers again and again. In surprise, Myunghoon reaches it.
This made them in shock to see him. Now he's looking more handsome and mature. Y/N was very impressed for reaching the sneakers she wanted.

Y/N: [grabs] Oh my god, thank you so much!!!!
Myunghoon: [smiles] No problem, Y/N!
Y/N: [delighted] Oh my my my god!!! You look handsome than usual!!!!
Myunghoon: [swept his bangs] Hehe... Thank you so much! Check if it fits to you.
Y/N: Okay!

She wears the sneakers as she'll check if it's fits to her. It's perfectly fits. She was amazed and so her friends.

Y/N: Wow, this is so cool!!!!
Myunghoon: It really fits to you and it's cute. Are you going to pay for it?
Y/N: [takes off the sneakers] Don't worry about it, Myunghoon. Besides, I bring my mother's credit card for the payment.
Myunghoon: Really? What if she finds out you're using it?
Y/N: No worries! I already asked my mom's permission but not too much.
Myunghoon: Awesome, how about we can eat at the fast food corner later?
Y/N: Oh yes, I'd love to!!!!!

They both left happily as they're going somewhere else in the mall.

Yuki: Oh my god, he's really manish now...
Mochi: [sniffs] It seems his pretty looks is gone!!!!

They both crying because of Myunghoon's glow up and missing his cute and pretty look.

Y/N: So what happened yesterday? Because we missed it out.
Myunghoon: That's a lot. But I can't list one of them...
Y/N: [nods] Hmm...
Myunghoon: We went to the beach yesterday just to film for another show. It was fun and we interact a lot of people here.
Y/N: Amazing, did you guys swim? Because you know, it's very fun to swim and splash it to someone else's. Hihi..
Myunghoon: [sighs] Yeah, Yoomin pushed me in the water and I got wet. I splashed him back for what he did for me.

Y/N spills her food and bursts out laughing because of the silly moment of him and Yoomin.

Myunghoon: Why are you laughing, is anything wrong?
Y/N: [laughs] It's nothing, you're just being silly at all.
Myunghoon: [smiles] You're actually a fool...
Y/N: Eh, why?

There's something sparkled on Myunghoon's fang. Y/N pointed out because it's so cute to see his smile.

Y/N: Oh my god, look!
Myunghoon: Hm?
Y/N: Oh, do you know the photo Sunghoon sent me yesterday?

Myunghoon spills his food as he remembers the photo of him and Sungjin sleeping together.

Myunghoon: [blushes] What, how do you–
Y/N: [laughs] Silly, you two look so cute together and I can't stop thinking about it and can't fall asleep yesterday.

She keeps musing about the photo of them because it's very adorable and lovely. Possibly, she imagines them. Myunghoon on the other hand, was pissed off and groaned.

---at the skateboard park---

The members went to the skateboard park. They enjoy reaching so high especially Sunghoon and Hwansung while Sungjin is slightly scared but yet, he tries his best. Now the members taking a rest.

Yoomin: Sungjin-hyung, are you okay?
Sungjin: I'm fine, Yoomin but... [sighs] I'm exhausted already...
Sunghoon: Ohh, what's the bunch? We still have the time to skate!
Sungjin: Chill, Sunghoon. [stretches] We have to take a rest first.
Hwansung: Hey, it seems you look pale.. Okay, you need water to drink.
Sungjin: [grabs the water and drink] Thank you, Hwansung.

Hyungjun: Hey, boys!
"Hi there, Hyungjun!"
Sungjin: So what brings you here?
Hyungjun: Oh I just stop by here because I just saw you four– Wait, where's Myunghoon?

The members wondered where Myunghoon is.

Yoomin: I think he went out for something...

The three: Yeah....
Hyungjun: Oh I understand...
Dongyoon: Hey, you're here!
Youngmin: You're cheating!!!!
Junseok: We're going to catch you as we can!!!!
Hyungjun: Oh no, I have to go! Thanks for stopping by here!!

Hyungjun runs away as he was chased by his members. The members felt weird and paused for what happened.

Sunghoon: Okay, let's find Myunghoon!
Hwansung: Maybe he's at the mall right here!

The mall is nearby on the skateboard park. They can find Myunghoon easily nearby but they're some rumors he's here.

Yoomin: Oh yeah, let's go!!!!

The members quickly run to the mall to find Myunghoon.

---back at the mall---

Y/N: Thanks for having here, Myunghoon! It was actually fun!!
Myunghoon: [swept his bangs] You're welcome. It seems for me it's time to go now. [waves] Bye!!!
Y/N: Bye, bye and see you around!!

She smiles as she enjoys her day. She cheerfully run to her friends. While Myunghoon is walking with the members surprise him.

Sungjin: Myunghoon!!
Myunghoon: Ah everyone!
Sunghoon: Where have you been? Have you go shopping with Y/N and her friends?
Myunghoon: Yeah, I have fun with them. But look what I brought.
Yoomin: That's why you took so long to wait for you!!! ㅜㅜ
Hwansung: Wow!! That's so cool!!!!
Sungjin: How about we can have some bubble tea right here!
Myunghoon: Oh my, it will be great!!!!
Yoomin: Yeah!!!

The members went to the bubble tea shop and take photos together as they enjoyed it.

To be continued...