- Myunghoon is super delulu
- Sungjin is Myunghoon's best friend
- Sunghoon and Hwansung are definitely siblings
- Yoomin is friends with Y/N and Mochi (Y/N's best friend)
- Y/N and Mochi are best friends and both love NRG

This AU will take place in Tiffany era.

The group were very busy for the week's promotions. Two performances of Breakfast at Tiffany's, shooting for the variety show, and magazine photoshoots. Many fans were surrounded on them all day and the members were slightly happy to see them.
But the exciting part is they perform at the one song stage and sing "Flower Shop Girl" because it matches to the group's aesthetics. The members looked very delightful and fresh while they're performing the song. Hwansung and Yoomin are calm while Sunghoon and Sungjin seems having fun together. Myunghoon is slightly jealous in the inside after he see them but he keeps showing his beautiful smile.

They finally have a rest from these promotions. They're chilling out in the van and some of them are fell asleep.
Sungjin yawns as he was sleepy and put his head on Myunghoon's, who is also asleep. Yoomin looked at them and giggles as he saw them sleeping together. He whistles to call Sunghoon and Hwansung. They both wake up from Yoomin's whistle and they saw Myunghoon and Sungjin sleeping together. They awed because it's really cute to see it.

Sunghoon: [whispers] Yoomin, grab his camera quick!

Yoomin reaches Sungjin's camera to Sunghoon as he said. Sunghoon trying to capture the cute moment and the camera flashes as he captured it. Hwansung was thrilled to see the picture in the camera.

Sunghoon: [thrilled] Yoomin, look!

He reaches the photo to Yoomin and also thrilled to see them cute together.

Yoomin: [thrilled] Oh my god, how cute are they!!!!!!
Hwansung: [thrilled] Sorry to say guys but I'm blushing right now from see this!!!!
Yoomin: Shall we send this to anyone or only for Y/N and her friends?
Sunghoon: [smirks] As you wish, Yoomin.

The three murmured and getting crazy by seeing this cute moment. But their noises can get awake to them.

---at the hospital canteen---

Y/N and her friends are at the hospital to visit Mochi's sick cousin, Yuka. Although she's slowly recovering, Mochi still worries about her health condition.

Mochi: Hoped Yuka is feeling well...
Y/N: It's okay, Mochi. She'll be fine and look, the doctor said that she's slowly recovering and it means, she'll be better!
Mochi: [smiles] Thank you for the message, Y/N.

While Y/N comforts Mochi for Yuka's recovery, Yuki's stomach staring to growl.

Yuki: Man, I'm hungry already...
Mochi: [laughs] Oh just wait, Yuki for food is almost done.

The waiter served the food for them.

Mochi: Oh here it is!

Yuki: [delights] Oh my god, spaghetti!!!

Spaghetti is Yuki's favorite food and always eat it for lunch. He eats it but the spaghetti tastes weird and has a lot of sauce. Now it's called a "spaghetti soup".

Yuki: Ohhhhhwwww why it has a lot of sauce??
Mochi: [spills] Why is it tastes weird??

Y/N accidentally drops her "spaghetti soup" and cries.

Y/N: [cries] Nooo, my spaghetti...
Mochi: It's okay, the spaghetti tastes weird at all.
Y/N: Really? Why?
Mochi: Okay look, the texture looks weird and it looks like a soup.
Y/N: Can I have a taste?
Mochi: Yeah, sure as you want.

Y/N decides to have a taste on Mochi's "spaghetti soup" but as they told her, it tastes weird and made her puke a little.

Mochi: See I told you, it tastes weird at all.

Y/N keeps coughing from the taste of "spaghetti soup". Mochi handed her a water bottle to drink and Y/N drinks it immediately.

Y/N: What were going to eat now?
Mochi: Maybe we can eat apple pies instead. Is it good for you two?
Y/N: Yes!! Of course, I love apple pies!!!

Yuki nodded as he also agree for Mochi's food suggestion.
They eat apple pies and it tastes good than the "spaghetti soup". They're walking to go to Yuka's room.

Yuki: Oh my god, look! They're serving the "spaghetti soup" to Yuka!!

They got in intense shock when they saw the nurses serving the "spaghetti soup" to Yuka.

Y/N: Oh no, quick!!!

They quickly run to the nurses to stop them feeding the "the spaghetti soup" to her but they already entered her room.

Yuki: [exclaims] HEYYY!!!
Mochi: [panics] YUKAAA!!!!!

They keep on running but Y/N accidentally bumps on a doctor.

Y/N: Sorry!

The doctor felt nothing when he got bumped by a random person. They finally entered her room but it's too late, Yuka eats the "spaghetti soup".

Y/N: Yuka, don't–

This left them in shock when Yuka eats the "spaghetti soup". She has no reaction of the taste of spaghetti but she delighted because it's delicious for her.

Yuka: Hmm, this spaghetti is so good!!! I wished I can eat this all day!!!!

This made them overwhelmed when she enjoys the "spaghetti soup".

Mochi: Are you sure you like that taste of the spaghetti?

Yuka: Yes!!! I've never taste that kind of spaghetti. This is literally the best!!!!

When Yuka keeps eating it, it's still delicious but overtime, she starts coughing and making her not to breathe. They began to panic.

All: [panics] AHHHHWWW!!!!! OH NO, YUKA!!!!

---at hwansung's room---

Sunghoon trying to transfer the photo taken yesterday from Sungjin's camera to Hwansung's computer. As Yoomin said, he's going to send it in Y/N's mail.

Yoomin: [excited] Oh my god, I can't wait to share Y/N about this!!!!
Hwansung: Just wait about it, look. They look so cute isn't?

Sunghoon and Yoomin can't stop staring at the photo and make them giggle a lot.

Sunghoon: They really so cute and silly together!!

Myunghoon: Hello!

Myunghoon went to them. Sunghoon quickly hides the screen to not see the photo of them yesterday.

Myunghoon: Oh what are you three doing? Why did you covered the computer screen, is anything wrong about it?
Sunghoon: Uhh... [stares at Yoomin and Hwansung] Nothing, there's a virus on Hwansung's computer and we have to fix it...
Yoomin and Hwansung: Yeah...

Myunghoon continues to walk in to see what's wrong about it. While he's looking on the desk, he saw Sungjin's camera.

Myunghoon: It's that Sungjinnie's camera? He keeps lookingg for it...

The three nodded in nervousness. Myunghoon looks the camera and when he opens it, he was shocked when a photo of him and Sungjin sleeping together yesterday. This made Myunghoon shrieks out and blush so hard. The three laughs as they're very thrilled to see it.

Myunghoon: [blushes] Heyy!!! Why did you–
Sunghoon: Oh there's something cute about this photo, don't worry!!!
Yoomin: [giggles] Hihihi... I can't explain but, you look two adorable together!!!!!!
Sungjin: Hi, is anything– [shocks] Oh my god, this is so cute!!!! Thank you so much for capturing this!!!!

The members were very thrilled about the photo. Myunghoon keeps blushing and made his heart beating so fast again. This feeling made him super delulu.

Myunghoon: I didn't know that Sungjin fell asleep on me.. That was really a lovely feeling but at the time, it's crazy at all... Oh no, my heart again.....

Sunghoon is going to send the photo to Y/N in e-mail and Myunghoon got in shock when they're sending it and tries to stop them.

Myunghoon: Please don't!

Sunghoon smirks and clicks the send button and sent the photo of them to Y/N. This made Myunghoon in embarrassment again.

A tune is alarmed to Y/N. She checks her phone and received an e-mail with a photo of Myunghoon and Sungjin sleeping together sent by Sunghoon. She started to awed the photo because it's so cute to see them together.

Y/N: Mochi, look!

Mochi got shocked when she saw a photo of them sleeping together.

Mochi: Oh my god, no way.... [breathes] THIS IS THE CUTEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN!!!!!

This photo made them thrilled a lot. They jumping like the kids because of craziness.

Mochi: How about we can send this to the fanclub?
Y/N: Yeah it will be a cute to them!!

Because of the craziness, she sends the photo to the fanclub. This made fans also thrilled and think a lot of thoughts between them.

To be continued...