- Myunghoon is super delulu
- Sungjin is Myunghoon's best friend
- Sunghoon and Hwansung are definitely siblings
- Yoomin is friends with Y/N and Mochi (Y/N's best friend)
- Y/N and Mochi are best friends and both love NRG
Thanks to Aimie Lin for helping me for finding the plot ideas for this chapter!

This AU will take place in Tiffany era.

Y/N and her friends are going to the members' apartment. They're very excited to visit the members.

Yuki: Knock knock! Who's there?
Yoomin: [opens the door] Hi there, friends! Welcome to our home!!

Y/N and her friends enters their home as they're very excited to see them what they're doing. They saw Sunghoon and Hwansung playing snakes and ladders. Sunghoon is almost near to Hwansung and Hwansung almost will win the game but Sunghoon needs Y/N's help.

Sunghoon: Roll the dice, Y/N! [throws the dice to Y/N]
Y/N: [catches it] Okay!!

She rolls the dice. Sunghoon is almost near to Hwansung and he needs Y/N's help. She got number 6 and let Sunghoon's figure to step and reach him to 100. Y/N is good at playing snakes and ladders. This made Yuki jealous.

Sunghoon: Yes, I won!!! Thank you so much, Y/N!!!!
Y/N: [smiles] No problem, Sunghoon. Good luck in the next game!

Y/N left as she was going somewhere else.

Yoomin is going back to his position as he continues to play games with Sunghoon and Hwansung. The three were playing games like snakes and ladders, chess, and solitaire. Yuki also joined in.

Yoomin: Okay boys, shall we start the game?
Yuki, Sunghoon, and Hwansung: Yeah!!!!
Yuki: Wanna play chess?
Sunghoon: Nah, it seems complicated.
Hwansung: How about solitaire?

Y/N and Mochi roam around until they saw Sungjin, making cookies. They went to him to help him.

Y/N: Hi, Sungjin!
Sungjin: Hi, Y/N!!
Y/N: Oh my god, you're making cookies?!!! I want to help you–
Sungjin: Oh don't worry, Y/N. Your friend Mochi can help me to bake these cookies. Besides, go to Myunghoon's room to check how's he doing.
Mochi: Yeah right, I'll take care with your recipe that you always cook. Go girl!!!

Y/N nervously goes to Myunghoon's room as they said. She tries to open the door but she's still nervous because he might get mad at her.
She tries to open the door for the second time. For the sneak, she saw him shirtless on the bed, covered himself in a blanket and musing about Sungjin. She closes the door again. She takes a deep breath to enter his room for the last chance.
When Y/N opens the door, Myunghoon quickly hides under the blanket to not be seen by her.

Y/N: [wonders] Hm.. Myunghoon, are you here?

She sits down on his bed and touch the mattress but she accidentally bump him. Myunghoon made some tiny groans.

Myunghoon: Hey, can you please get my shirt right here?
Y/N: Where?
Myunghoon: Somewhere, it's on my table I mean.

Y/N gets his shirt as he requested. She throws the shirt to him and he quickly gets it. He gets up from his blanket. Y/N got a little shocked after seeing his slender body with chunky muscles, coated with sweat. He's such a cutie patootie but also, a pretty sexy.

Y/N: [nervous] I- I... I thought you're going to wear it?
Myunghoon: [breathes] It's very hot right here in my room and I always take off my shirt when I sleep.
Y/N: [chuckles] How silly. The atmosphere today is windy and you can wear your shirt.
Myunghoon: I'm still sleepy, Y/N. I don't have time to wear it back.

He backs away and covers himself under the blanket. I think he was musing again.

Y/N: Oh, Myunghoon! I found your sunglasses as yesterday!

He was in intense shook as she said she found it. He grabs it immediately.

Myunghoon: Oh my god!! Thank you so much!!!!
Y/N: [smiles] Your welcome! It seems I'm going now. You can call me if you want to talk.

Y/N left his room and goes back to the kitchen to help them.

Mochi: Oh how's Myunghoon doing? Do you talk to him?
Y/N: Yeah a little.. He said, [shrugs] he's fine and a little sleepy. I got shocked in fact he always–
Sungjin: Don't tell me he's delulu to me again? [pouts] Hmph, how lovely is he!

Y/N was stunned after she heard a question of Sungjin and in the inside, she’s laughing a little.

Y/N: Are you joking? He's very delulu again under his blanket.
Sungjin: [wheezes] Oh.. my... god!!!!

Mochi facepalmed because she heard Myunghoon is actually delulu. They both laughing because of his deluluness. They got cut off because Myunghoon came to them and pats Sungjin's shoulder again.

Myunghoon: Sungjinnie...
Sungjin: [turns back] Oh Myunghoon, is anything wrong?
Myunghoon: Nothing but... did you just say "lovely" to me?

This made Sungjin stunned about his question. Myunghoon's lovely eyes made Sungjin turn to delulu. He can't stop looking at Sungjin.

Sungjin: [stammers] H.. he... Hey, why are you keep asking me like that??
Myunghoon: Oh I'm sorry... I'm totally okay at all. I'm just... [blushes] I was a little embarrassed to hear those words about me..

His response made feel sorry to Sungjin for asking it a lot of times.

Sungjin: It's okay, everything is fine about you. Now, let's talk about it in your room.

When Sungjin and Myunghoon went to the bedroom, Y/N and Mochi just stand by and watch them leave. Y/N smells the burnt cookies.

Y/N: Mochi! The oven!!!!
Mochi quickly turns off the oven and opens it. The result is it's burnt.
Mochi: Oh no!! [sighs] I set the timer in exact minutes but it went like this... What am I going to do with these?
Y/N: [pats her shoulder] Hey, girl. I can help you to bake these again.

Mochi smiled to Y/N as they want to bake cookies and macarons together.

As they took so long to finish the game, Yuki is almost done with 5 cards against Yoomin. Yoomin takes the 3-ace card and put it on the top of the 4-club card. Yuki still thinks about it and proceeds to places the king on the top of him. He wins the game.

Yuki: Woo!! I nailed it!!!!!
Yoomin: Good game, Yuki!
Yuki: Thank you, Yoomin and so you do!
Hwansung: [sighs] We already played this games and we don't have anything to play else...
Sunghoon: Don't worry, Hwannie. We still have more and look, there's a dance pad under the rack.
Yuki and Yoomin: [stares each other] Oh my god, I love this!!!!

Sunghoon grabs the dance pad under the rack and excitedly, they began to play.

Sungjin: Hey, are you sure you're feeling okay?
Myunghoon: Yes... I don't know why I keep having this feeling....
Sungjin: [giggles] I told you a lot of times, it's normal to have a crazy feeling. Okay, do you remember we teamed up as a duo?
Myunghoon: [nods] Yeah.
Sungjin: To be honest, you're actually amazing and funny at all and we became best friends. And also the fact, when we became a group, I was busy to talk to the others but you still think about me.

This words made Myunghoon smile and made his heart flutter slowly. Sungjin holds his smooth hand.

Sungjin: And you look definitely pretty at all.
Myunghoon: Why?
Sungjin: [giggles] Don't tell me you're trying to get over me, you kid!
Myunghoon: [blushes] Hey, don't call me that!
Sungjin: Sorry, Myunghoonie it is because of your youthful look.
Myunghoon: You look also pretty too!
Sungjin: No way, I'm handsome while you're pretty!!
Myunghoon: I'll grab you silly!!

He grabs Sungjin on the bed and smashes him to stop him from teasing him. Sungjin flips him back.

Sungjin: Stop it, you naughty kid!!!

He secretly tickles Myunghoon on the waist up to his ribs to also stop him. Myunghoon tries to breathe as he can.

Myunghoon: Sungjinnie, stop!!!!
Sungjin: Want more? [smirks] Here's the blast!!

He storm his hands on Myunghoon's neck to tickle him more. It's fun for Sungjin to tickle Myunghoon when he was naughty. Myunghoon's noises can be heard outside, especially on Y/N and Mochi.

Mochi: Hey, Y/N, what's going on to them?
Y/N: I don't know, just check his room.
Mochi: But you're the–
Y/N: I'm going to take care of these and go!

Mochi went towards to Myunghoon's room as Y/N said. She tries to sneak at his room with a glance. It seems they're having fun but they trying to stop themselves. She opens the door slowly.

Mochi: Hi!

They paused when Mochi was here at them.

Mochi: Hehe... I'm sorry but it looks cute to see it....

She closes the door to leave them and the two stared each other.

All of them are now the dining table as they're going to eat snacks.

All: Itadakimasu!!!

They take a bite of Y/N and Mochi's baked cookies and macarons. It was very delicious than ever.

Yuki: [delights] Hmm, it's very delicious and sweet!! I need to take more!!!!
Yoomin: It tastes good as usual!!
Sunghoon: Hmm, yummy! What is the secret ingredient here, Y/N?
Hwansung: Yeah, I want to know so I can make these too!
Y/N: [giggles] I don't want to tell it. Just ask Sungjin about it.
Sungjin: Yeah, it's actually a secret. Don't worry, I tell about it when we bake together.

Myunghoon pauses when he remembers about yesterday and two days ago.

Myunghoon: Don't tell me you put a lot of sugar again?
Y/N: [chuckles] Silly, Myunghoon. I put enough sugar for the macarons.

They laughed together as they enjoy the delicious snacks baked by Y/N and Mochi. Myunghoon stared in embarrassment and takes a bite of it.

Mochi: Okay, should we taste them before they ate it all?
Y/N: Of course, my Mochi!

To be continued...