- Myunghoon is super delulu
- Sungjin is Myunghoon's best friend
- Sunghoon and Hwansung are definitely siblings
- Yoomin is friends with Y/N and Mochi (Y/N's best friend)
- Y/N and Mochi are best friends and both love NRG

This AU will take place in Tiffany era.

Yoomin run to Y/N and Myunghoon on the school park and he accidentally says Myunghoon's name.

Yoomin: Myunghoon-hyung!!!
Y/N: [hushes] Yoomin, what are you do–

She pauses because the students murmurs because of Yoomin's appearance. Little they know, it's actually him with his hair on.

Student 1: [whispers] Is that Yoomin oppa?
Student 2: Oh my god, look, he's exactly him!!!!
Student 3: [screams] YOOMIN OPPA!!!!

The students run to Yoomin for an autograph and to talk to him. They really scream in excitement and some of them are hugging him.

Yoomin: I'm just visiting my friend how she's doing. [sighs] Those crazy fans here in this school...
Student 5: [in jealousy] OPPA, YOU'RE SO LUCKY TO HAVE A FRIEND LIKE THAT!!!!!
Student 6: Oppa, is Myunghoon-hyung here? I heard you saying his name.

Mochi and Yuki run to Yoomin and fleeing the students surrounds him.

Yuki: Yoomin, do you think it's actually Myunghoon in disguise?
Yoomin: Yes, it is. He always wear these accessories everytime he goes out.

Y/N and Myunghoon were shocked after they heard Yoomin's answer.

Myunghoon: Oh no, Y/N... We have to run quickly....

Y/N nodded to him. They quickly run away before Yoomin and the crazy fans will chase them.

Student 7: [points at them] LOOK!!!
Mochi: THEY RUN AWAY???!!!!
Yoomin: [shouts and runs] MYUNGHOON-HYUNG WAIT FOR US!!!!!!

The students follow them crazily. Y/N and Myunghoon hides in the bushes.

Myunghoon: Do you really call Yoomin to visit here?
Y/N: No, I didn't told him to visit here!
Myunghoon: Okay, okay!

He realizes he doesn't have his sunglasses. He checked from every pockets but it's really not here.

Myunghoon: [panics] Y/N, I don't have my sunglasses! I think I forgot them on the table! Can you please check if it's not lost?
Y/N: Okay!

She proceeds to look for Myunghoon's sunglasses. While they're trying to look for it, Yuki secretly took off his bandana.
They stared in shock to see Myunghoon's beautiful look in a half-faced. Myunghoon started to feel embarrassment for this.

Myunghoon: [screams] AHHH!!! SUNGJINNIE HELP MEEEEEE!!!!!!

Poor Myunghoon got chased by the crazy fans including Y/N's friends and Yoomin.

---at the seafood restaurant---

Sungjin is eating at the seafood restaurant. It is peaceful and quiet. He already ordered gimbap and jjamppong. He's very excited to eat it. He takes a bite of gimbap but he spills it because his phone is ringing too loud. He answers it.

Sungjin: Hello? Hwansung-ah...

---call: at the gym---

Hwansung: Hi there, Sungjin! Sunghoonie already made a milestone and he did 100 pushups!
Sunghoon: Sungjin-hyung, do you hear it? It means I'm getting stronger.
Sungjin: Wow, that's great. Hoped you do the 500 pushups sometime.
Sunghoon: WHAT?!! Oh don't worry, I'll keep it up with my muscles!

He keeps flexing his tiny muscles after reaching the milestone.

Hwansung: [giggles] Oh silly, Sunghoonie. I'm going to call you later when we're done.

Myunghoon enters the gym although he's exhausted and sweating from running by the crazy fans. He proceeds to sit down on the chair and starts pull up and down.

Hwansung: Ah, Myunghoon-hyung is here!
Sungjin: [pauses] Myunghoonie?
Hwansung: Yes, I'll give him a call.

Myunghoon doing his workouts without any hesitation but Sunghoon poured the water on him to cool down.

Myunghoon: What was that?
Sunghoon: [smirks] Sungjin needs to call you.

Hwansung passes his phone to Myunghoon to talk to Sungjin.

Myunghoon: Hey....
Sungjin: Myunghoonie, how's your day doing? [laughs] It seems you're tired and you still taking the gym.
Myunghoon: Man, I've been chased by the crazy fans at Y/N's school so I'm here to stay.
Sungjin, Sunghoon, and Hwansung: [exclaims] OH MY GOD YOU'VE BEEN CHASED??!!!!

Sunghoon and Hwansung were asking Myunghoon for what's going on.

Hwansung: Oh my god, that's their chance to meet you!!!!!!
Sunghoon: Yeah, please accept them because they love you so much in a thousand times!!!!!!
Myunghoon: But... I- I was nervous to see my pretty face infront of them!!!!!

Sungjin has no words to say what's going on between the three.

---at the seafood restaurant---

Sungjin: [sighs] Okay, see you three... here?? [ends call]

Finally, he continues to eat his delicious food but it's now cold.

---at the photographic studio---

The stylists fixing the members' looks for the sporty photoshoot for a magazine issue.

Cameraman: One, two, three! [flashes]

The members look very handsome and charming in every photos. The cameraman was pleased by their visuals.

Cameraman: Okay, one more! One, two, three! [flashes]

They keep posing for the photos but for Myunghoon, his stomach is slightly hurting. He collapses and groans in pain.

Hwansung: Are you okay?
Yoomin: Oh no, there's something happened to you?
Myunghoon: [tries to get up] I'm.... I'm feeling okay at all. Continue the photoshoot.
Sungjin: Are you sure you're feeling okay?
Myunghoon: Don't need to worry about me, it's just a–
Cameraman: One shot left and you will now have a short break.

The members were worried for Myunghoon. Instead of taking a break, Myunghoon is trying to endure his stomach pain just to finish this remaining shot. They finally made the final shot.

Finally, they having a short break. Myunghoon's stomach is already hurting so he quickly goes to the restroom because he has explosive diarrhea. He removes his jacket on. He didn't know what he ate yesterday. I think it's from Y/N sweet macarons.

Sungjin: Myunghoonie, the photoshoot is starting again!
Yoomin: Come faster!!!

Myunghoon quickly gets out the restroom for a last minute. But he forgot to put his jacket back. He rushes quickly and Sungjin catches the paint-filled hand to him.

Sungjin: Oh what just happened, are you feeling better now?
Myunghoon: Uh, huh.. yeah!
Cameraman: Okay, are you all complete?

The members nodded as they're complete.

Cameraman: Okay, one, two, three! [flashes]

The photoshoot is so cute and playful but there's something odd. Myunghoon doesn't have his jacket because he left it in the restroom.

To be continued...