- Myunghoon is super delulu
- Sungjin is Myunghoon's best friend
- Sunghoon and Hwansung are definitely siblings
- Yoomin is friends with Y/N and Mochi (Y/N's best friend)
- Y/N and Mochi are best friends and both love NRG

This AU will take place in Tiffany era.

Myunghoon and Sungjin lay theirselves down heavily after they trying to reach the basketball. Yuki joined in over them. Y/N finally got the goal.

Y/N: GOAL!!!!!!!
Yuki: YOOOOOOO!!!!!! NICE GAME, Y/N!!!!!!

Yuki looks down as he feel the moving figure and stands up. Myunghoon tries to get up but he feel something heavy over his chest. He looks down and he didn't know that Sungjin was laying over him. This made him thrill more. It's having a sweet feeling for him, isn't? Myunghoon screams and gets up quickly but Sungjin put him down.

Sngjin: Don't you stop?

Myunghoon's eyes twinkled as Sungjin's eyes did the same way. This made him flutter more. Sungjin smirks and help him to get up.

Sungjin: I'm sorry.

He's fleeing the dirt of his clothes while Myunghoon is shaking again. Yoomin walks in.

Y/N: Oh what happened you two?
Sungjin: Were just trying to get our basketball back. And then, you made it as a soccerball. Nice game, Y/N.
Y/N: Thank you, Sungjin! Oh Yuki, I forgot to introduce these idols!
Yuki: You two are idols? [laughs] Are you kidding me?
Mochi: Silly, Yuki. They're actually idols from the group, NRG. [whispers and points to Myunghoon] Look, this one is Y/N's crush. He's so pretty isn't?

The whisper of Mochi made Yuki in amusement and they bursts out laughing.

Y/N: [pisses] Hey, you two!!!!
Yuki: It's really your crush?? [laughs] He looks so pretty for you!!!!
Y/N: [screams] SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!

She chases Yuki and Mochi to stop teasing her.

Myunghoon: [sighs] These friends are definitely silly and adorable...
Sungjin: [pushes him softly] How about me?

Myunghoon blushes so hard when Sungjin asked that kind of question prettily and collapses. Yoomin giggles when he saw the moment.

Yuki: Anyways, where's my ball?
Yoomin: Umm.. [points at Sunghoon and Hwansung] these two are using it as their basketball.

They're still playing basketball using a soccerball. Yuki realized that his ball was used by them and quickly run to them.


---at hwansung's room---

Hwansung is reading a book and listening to his favorite song. Sunghoon fidgeting his basketball. They're just idle all night until they fall asleep.

Hwansung: Sunghoonie...
Sunghoon: Yes?
Hwansung: Earlier, it was silly and fun. We didn't know there's a soccerball rolling around and we mistook it as our basketball. I don't know what happened to the basketball.
Sunghoon: [smirks] What a fool, silly boy!

He rubs Hwansung's hair because of silliness and suddenly, his hand goes down to tickle his stomach.

Hwansung: [laughs] Hey stop!!

Sunghoon: [laughs] Haha, you can't get away from me, you silly!!!
Sungjin: [opens the door] Hello!

The two paused because Sungjin is here for them.

Hwansung: Sungjin-hyung? What do you need here?
Sungjin: [gulps] Oh nothing. I just forgot to give you this.

He throws the hidden CD and Hwansung catches it.

Hwansung: Oh, thank you so much! I've been looking for this for a long time.
Sungjin: No worries! Have fun and good night!!

He closes the door and left. Sunghoon and Hwansung were excited to listen the hidden CD.

---at the school park---

The three friends looking for a place to eat lunch because the cafeteria was already full.

Yuki: Oh, man! I'm very hungry and we need to find our spot to eat right now!!
Y/N: Don't worry, we almost find our spot!

Myunghoon was wearing his bandana, sunglasses, and face mask so people and her friends don't know that's him. He was looking for Y/N and he needs to talk to her. Y/N saw him and assumes it that's her neighbor.

Y/N: Okay, I have to take my lunch with my neighbor right now!
Mochi: [holds her wrist] Wait, wait, wait! You don't have a neighbor like that!
Y/N: I don't care!!! [lets go] Good luck for finding your spot!!!!
Yuki: That's strange.. What's going on?

She runs to him Myunghoon. She asked him to have lunch together.

Y/N: Myunghoon-hyung?
Myunghoon: Yes, that's me.
Y/N: Why are you wearing like that?
Myunghoon: Oh it's nothing, I don't want to get caught by your silly friends. Let's go and I need to talk to you.

Mochi and Yuki felt suspicious when they saw Y/N and her "neighbor" going lunch together.

Y/N: So why are you wearing like this again?
Myunghoon: It's a long story short but I don't want to get caught by your silly friends and fans because... I don't want to show my handsome look here.
Y/N: Oh it's okay.. Your already wrapped with those accessories, right?

She is about to laugh when she saw Myunghoon wearing like this.

Myunghoon: Yeah.. Anyways, are there any fans here in your class, or I mean the entire students?
Y/N: [nods] Yes, a lot. But hey, you silly, my friends are actually nice and crazy at all. There the ones who cheer me up all day. Okay, here. Try these macarons, my friends helped me to make these.
Myunghoon: Ohh, it looks delicious!

He takes a bite of Y/N's macarons. It tastes very sweet just like his feelings for Sungjin but he didn't like the taste of it.

Myunghoon: It tastes very strange. Do you put a lot of sugar or something?
Y/N: Sugar? [wonders] Wait, I put enough sugar for my macarons!

He looks behind to her friends and he was surprised that her friends currently watching them.

Myunghoon: [whispers] Y/N! Look! Your friends is watching us!
Y/N: Oh don't worry about it, I'm going to cover you up as my neighbor.

Myunghoon nodded as she said to be disguised as her neighbor.

Y/N: Wait a second... Are you really hooked to Sungjin oppa?

Myunghoon spills his food from his mouth after he heard that question.

Myunghoon: No way! How do you know that?

Y/N bursts out laughing when she remembers they lay down together yesterday.

Y/N: [laughs] Well, you always acting strange when you're with Sungjin oppa and you're.... YOU'RE SO DELULU TO HIM!!!!!
Mochi and Yuki: [intense] SUNGJIN OPPA???!!!

They heard Y/N laughs far away and there some suspicions that she actually talks to Myunghoon.

Yuki: Check it out, it really looks like her crush!
Mochi: Exactly, his beautiful side face! [pauses] Hold on, it's that her macarons?
Yuki: They're eating it? [panics] Oh no! We forgot to get her macarons! Jeez, I haven't taste one...
Mochi: Let's get it, quick!

They quickly run to Y/N to get the macarons.

Mochi and Yuki: Y/N!!

Y/N and Myunghoon were stunned by them.

Y/N: Oh, hi friends! I want to introduce my neighbor, Myungseo!
Myunghoon/Myungseo: Hi..
Mochi: Wh.. What are you two talking about?
Y/N: Nothing, we're just showing my pictures in my camera to him. Look, is it beautiful?
Yuki: Yeah.. That's cool to see your pictures here. [looks at Myungseo] Okay, lemme see your face.

He was going to remove his sunglasses but Myungseo is uncomfortable to remove them.

Y/N: Hey!! He's a very shy person and doesn't want to show his face!
Yuki: Oh sorry!
Y/N: Want to have my macarons? You haven't try them yet..
Mochi: Yes, that's what we want! Thank you, Y/N!!
Y/N: Your welcome, hoped it tastes good!!!

Finally, they continue to eat their lunch alone.

Yoomin: Myunghoon-hyung!!!

To be continued...