- Myunghoon is super delulu
- Sungjin is Myunghoon's best friend
- Sunghoon and Hwansung are definitely siblings
- Yoomin is friends with Y/N and Mochi (Y/N's best friend)
- Y/N and Mochi are best friends and both love NRG

This AU will take place in Tiffany era.

Myunghoon is finally discharged from the hospital today. The members were very happy that he's feeling better now and it means, they're finally perform together today.
The members preparing themselves for the today's performance. Myunghoon looking at the mirror while practicing his backup vocals. It is so beautiful to hear them.

Sungjin: Are you sure you're feeling okay?
Myunghoon: Yes, don't worry about it. I think I'm excited to see you– I mean our fans here...
Sungjin: Do you say something?
Myunghoon: No, I'm just.... feeling good.

Sungjin left as he was going to practice by his own. Yoomin, Sunghoon, and Hwansung huddled to him. Myunghoon breathes trying not to be delulu.

Hwansung: You can do this, Myunghoon-hyung!
Sunghoon: [pats his shoulder] Just focus on yourself and be normal.
Yoomin: [hugs him] We're here to support you!!!!!

Myunghoon is shaking now because he can't take this anymore.

Myunghoon: [crying inside] Holy shet.... :')

---at the audience corner---

While they're waiting for them to show up, the fans cheering loudly for them.

Mochi: Y/N, this is it!!!! They're going to perform!!!!!!!
Y/N: Yessssss!!!! We can't wait to scream for our oppas here on how much we love them!!!!!!!!!!
Mochi: You mean, Myunghoon?
Y/N: No! I- I–
Mochi: It seems your excited to hear his backup vocals remember?
Y/N: [blushes] Yeah...

The MCs announced their name to come up on stage to perform. This make fans very excited to see them.

Now playing: Breakfast at Tiffany's - NRG

The performance is absolutely beautiful and make their fans crazier. The members look very fresh and beautiful. The intro is so freaky freaky fishy fishy. Myunghoon's backup vocals is louder than the previous performance. This make their fans have eye candy to them.

---after the performance, backstage---

Mochi: Wow, the performance is good!!!!
Y/N: Yeah, I can't stop recalling it. I can't wait to see more!!!!!!!!
Yoomin: [smiles] Your welcome, girls! There's still a lot of performances to come so don't miss it out!

While they're following them, Mochi accidentally fell her bag open. She picks it up and Myunghoon helps her.

Mochi: Thank you so much. Gosh, he's so pretty!!! Look, Y/N!!!!!

She got in excitement to see him. Myunghoon covered half of his face because of his embarrassment.

Y/N: Oh, is anything wrong?
Myunghoon: Nothing.. Are you the one who bumped me with your bike a few days ago?
Y/N: Oh yeah...
Myunghoon: It's nice to meet you, Y/N and you too Mochi. You two seems to be friends with Yoomin, right?
Mochi: Yes! Y/N is a very huge fan of yours and she always collecting photos of you!!!!!!
Y/N: [crying inside] Mochiiiii, you're trying to mess with me again!!
Myunghoon: [giggles] That's nice to hear that. Well, do you want to join us at the park today?
Y/N & Mochi: [excited] OMG that's great!!!!!
Myunghoon: [smiles] No problem. Hope we have a lot to talk about here.

They continued to talk together while walking around.

---at the park---

Sunghoon passes the ball to Hwansung. Hwansung shoots the ball on the ring.

Hwansung: [exclaims] Yes!!!!!!!
Yoomin: Heyyyyy!!!!!!!!
Sungjin picks the ball up and passes it to Yoomin.
Sungjin: Play the game now. I'm gonna talk to Myunghoon.

The three starts to play their basketball game.

Sungjin: Myunghoon, are you okay?
Myunghoon: Yeah, I'm doing fine.
Sungjin: [hands him a drink] Need a drink?
Myunghoon: Thank you.. [drinks it]
Sungjin: Well, how's your feelings doing?
Myunghoon: My feelings?

When he heard the word "feelings", he slowly turns delulu. For his sight, Sungjin always give a lovely look for him.

Sungjin: Myunghoonie, are you okay?
Myunghoon: [stands up] Yes, I guess I'm going to play now.
Sungjin: Okay, I'm also play too.
Myunghoon: [pauses and blushes] Alright..

Y/N: Where did Mochi go? You're supposed to here just in time!!

Yuki accidentally hits Y/N on the back.

Y/N: Ouwhh!!
Yuki: Oops, sorry!
Mochi: Sorry for being late, Y/N. This is my friend, Yuki. He is good at playing soccer.
Yuki: Hi, Y/N and it's nice to meet you!

Yuki is a friend of Mochi since first year high school before Y/N transferred. His personality is very naughty but he's good at playing soccer. Y/N has making feelings for Yuki in just first sight.

Y/N: Yuki is seems so handsome...
Mochi: You're trying to replace with Myunghoon, don't you?
Y/N: [blushes] No, I didn't mean too!

Yuki set his ball on the floor to start the game.

Yuki: Okay, let's the start the game!

He kicks the ball and Mochi kicks it back to Y/N. Y/N is about to have a goal but Yuki blocks it and kicks it. Mochi secures the ball from Y/N and Yuki slips and kicks it aggressively. His kick can cause the ball shoot to the basketball ring.
This is also made members wonder why the soccer ball is here. Sunghoon and Hwansung playing the soccer ball while Sungjin, Myunghoon, and Yoomin trying to chase the basketball.
Yoomin saw a basketball rolling around on Y/N's friends.

Yoomin: Look!!

Myunghoon and Sungjin trying to chase the basketball but Y/N kicks it to the net and she finally got the goal. They both got slipped and cause them to lay themselves heavily. Yuki also bumped on them.

Y/N: GOAL!!!!!!!

To be continued...