- Myunghoon is super delulu
- Sungjin is Myunghoon's best friend
- Sunghoon and Hwansung are definitely siblings
- Yoomin is friends with Y/N and Mochi (Y/N's best friend)
- Y/N and Mochi are best friends and both love NRG

This AU will take place in Tiffany era.

While Myunghoon is running, he got tripped off and feel unconscious. Sungjin is going back to his place but he accidentally stepped on someone's hand. He looked down and it's Myunghoon, lying unconsciously. Sungjin grabbed his phone from his pocket and called the ambulance.
Few minutes later, the ambulance arrives and they bring Myunghoon to the hospital. Sungjin run away as he is going to tell it to the members.
The three are sitting on a bench as there exhausted finding Sungjin and Myunghoon.

Hwansung: Where did Sungjin and Myunghoon go?
Yoomin: We've been looking for them but there's no sign of them.
Sunghoon: Hey don't worry you two, they'll be back here sometime.
Sungjin: Hey, guys!
Yoomin, Sunghoon, & Hwansung: [running] Sungjin you're here!
Hwansung: Where's Myunghoon-hyung?
Sungjin: Myunghoon? Oh I found him but he's at the hospital right now.
Yoomin: [exclaims] What?! He's at the hospital?!!! Wha-what happened?
Sungjin: [takes a deep breath] Well, I saw him laying unconsciously and I think he fainted.
Hwansung: Oh my god, hoped he's okay...
Sunghoon: How about the performance this afternoon?
Sungjin: I don't know, let's tell it to the manager about it. Follow me.
The three followed him as they will tell the incident to their manager.

---at the school cafeteria---

It's lunchtime. Y/N and Mochi were helping their math school work because Math is a hard subject for them.
Y/N: Hey, Mochi, can you tell what's the equation of x³ + (56y - 8²) - 6 + 20³ ÷ 97??
Mochi: I don't know what equation is that? I haven't heard that given question before.
Y/N: Mochii come on, I can't solve this equation and so you do.
Mochi: I also don't understand that equation too!! [sighs] Okay, I give you a question. What is 20 + 178?
Y/N: Oh it's 198.
Mochi: See it's easy to solve it. Now you should solve that equation too.
Y/N: [crying] Mochiii, no way!!!!!
Mochi: You can do this, girl!!!!!!!

---at the hospital---

Myunghoon was laying down on a hospital bed. He wasn't awake yet but his heart rate levels are still okay. The doctor went to his room to check him if he's fine. Myunghoon slowly opened his eyes.

Myunghoon: [grunts] What happened and... where am I? Sungjin, are you here??

He looks up and it's actually a doctor. He didn't know he's at the hospital.

Myunghoon: Doctor, what happened? Do you think there's something happened–
Doctor: Don't worry about it. You're actually fine at all. Besides, a member of your group told me that you fainted while you're running and bring you here to recover.
Myunghoon: Oh I got it... But where's Sungjin? I need to call him!
Doctor: Oh the one who called me in? Okay, I'll be right back. Just lay down and rest.

The doctor left as he was going to call Sungjin. Myunghoon is still worried for what happened in the morning. He reaches the mirror from the desk looks up how is he feeling now. He smiled on the mirror and made his heart warmer.

---at the mufac building---

Sungjin: Look, Myunghoon is at the hospital now and he's not feeling well! Yoomin: You should tell them to postpone our today's performance to get him recover!

The members were still telling the manager to postpone the afternoon performance.

Kim Tae-hyung: Okay, okay. I have one thing to ask you boys.

The members were in silence and stared him in shock.

Kim Tae-hyung: I'm going to postpone the performance this afternoon and it will be moved on tomorrow. Is it okay for you boys?

The members were agreed and hi-fived each other but except for Sungjin, because it's not enough rest for Myunghoon.

Sungjin: Excuse me, I have a question!
Kim Tae-hyung: Uh, what is it?
Sungjin: Can you please extend it–

The telephone is ringing which means Sungjin has a call.

Sungjin: Wait a minute.

He answers the ringing phone.

Sungjin: Hello?
Doctor: "Hello, this is Doctor... our patient, Chun Myunghoon needs you to come here."
Sungjin: Okay, is anything wrong to him?
Doctor: "Nothing he's fine. He said he wants you to come here."
Sungjin: Okay, just tell him I'm going now. Thank you for the call.

The call ended and Sungjin went to the hospital right away just to visit Myunghoon.

---at the hospital---

Doctor: [opens the door] Mr. Chun, your member is here to visit you.

Myunghoon awakes from the doctor's news. The door was opened by someone. It was Sungjin came in surprise.

Sungjin: Hey, Myunghoon!
Myunghoon: Sungjinnie!!!

They both delighted seeing each other. The doctor leave them alone.

Sungjin: How are you feeling now?
Myunghoon: [smiles] It seems I'm feeling better.

Although he's feeling better, he worries about the afternoon's performance.

Myunghoon: Well, how about the performance? Did you performed already?

Sungjin put his hand on his shoulder.

Sungjin: You do not need to worry about it, it's already moved it to tomorrow. Sometimes, [sighs] we miss hearing your angelic vocals.
Myunghoon: Really? Oh thank you so much!

He realized he did something crazy this morning.

Myunghoon: Sungjin... I want to say sorry in the morning and I ended up like this. I don't know what's going on to me.
Sungjin: It's alright. I think you're feelings shifting back and forth because sometimes you're okay and sometimes... you're very crazy. That's why you became super delusional.
Myunghoon: Is that so? That's why I look prettier by that and have this feeling?...

His eyes twinkled as he saw a sight of Sungjin. His heart beating little rapidly and his face flushed red again. He groaned as he feel it again.
Sungjin touches his hand.

Sungjin: Don't worry about it, having crazy feeling is normal to us.
Myunghoon smiles as Sungjin said that everyone has a crazy feeling.

--outside school---

The school's dismissed. Y/N and Mochi leave the school early just to attend NRG's performance in a music show. While they're running, they scream in excitement and shouting "NRG!"
Mochi: Hoped we can reach them to perform!!!!
Y/N: Sameeee, I can't wait to hear Myunghoon and Sungjin's backup vocals!!!!!!
Mochi: You do? OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! LIKE I'M GOING UP TO HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!

While they're running, they saw Yoomin walking and they stopped by.

Mochi: Yoomin?
Y/N: I thought you're here at the stage?
Yoomin: Yes but we postponed our performance today, it will be on tomorrow.
Y/N: Why?
Yoomin: Because Myunghoon is at the hospital and we need him to recover. Do you remember, we ran away in the morning?
Mochi: Oh yes, is anything happened to him?
Yoomin: He got fainted while he ran away from us. But he seems fine. Sungjin will stay at the hospital to take care of him. Don't worry, he'll be discharge on tomorrow.

Y/N and Mochi were pleased by their reason. Their excitement fade away to wait for tomorrow's performance.

To be continued...