This AU will take place in Tiffany era.

Today is the graduation day. It's very early in the morning before the graduation started. Y/N finally went to Mochi and Yuki. They're just staying at the rooftop to watch the sunrise. Y/N hopes that they finally got motivation to talk. She takes a breath and runs to them.

Y/N: [shouts] Hey, Mochi!!! Hey, Yuki!!!

The two turned back to her in surprise.

Mochi: Y/N? Oh, is any things alright?...
Yuki: Don't tell me there's anything wrong again...

Mochi softly slaps Yuki after hearing that sensitive question.

Mochi: Hey!!!
Y/N: Hehe.. Everything's alright and go down to see!

They go down as she said. They went to their classroom to see the surprise. Mochi's favorite song was played. She's jamming to the beat right now by shaking her head.

Y/N: [opens the door] Here!

They looked at their memorable board and photos of them. It's still the same.

Yuki: It seems there's nothing changed here....
Mochi: Yuki, look!

Yuki looks down and saw some drawings by the group. Also, the polaroids of them being silly and cute. Mochi was very fluttering to see it. A soccerball is rolling down. Yuki picks it up and saw the autographs around the ball. Maybe this is the gift for their graduation. He smiled to see it. Y/N went to them again as they're very happy.

Y/N: So how is it?

The two stared at her blankly. They're both laughed as they're very very happy to see the surprise. Y/N also laughed.

Mochi: [laughs] I didn't know they're here just to give us a surprise.
Yuki: Awww... this is made me memorable to see it!
Y/N: Hehe... I actually planned it to them just for two of us.. I mean for the whole class!!
Mochi: [smiles] Wow... you're actually great, Y/N....
Yuki: [nods] Hm!
Y/N: Anyways, they're some cards right here. How about let's read it?
Mochi: Oh, yes! Sure!!!
Yuki: Hoped I will cry by reading them!

They proceeded to read some cards written by the group. Some hours later, they're having fun here and remember anything at the classroom before the last minute. They sing along and laughed together.

It's finally the graduation. The students were very happy and proud for successfully completed their journey in middle school. They're all crying in joy and saying goodbye to their friends as they're going to part their ways.
Y/N and her friends and the group were also very happy and the same time, they're sad as the best friends will go away later.

Y/N: [smiles] Thank you so much, guys!!
Mochi: Well Y/N, there's something good things to wait for!!
Y/N: Ah, what is it?
Mochi: Oh it's nothing, maybe you're excited to go to Japan with us together!!! ^^
Yuki: [smirks] Hihi... Hoped we can still have some fun!!!
Y/N: Hahaha!! Thank you two!!! I can't wait to begin our high school journey together!!!!
Sungjin: Well it seems we're feeling lonely a little that you're now going away...
Y/N: [wonders] Hm? Oh yeah...

Yoomin is crying because he will miss them so much.

Yuki: Oh silly, Yoomin! Don't cry! Besides, we can see each other again sometime!!
Yoomin: [sniffles] No way!!! I will miss you all day!!!
Hwansung: [comforts him] Hey, don't worry. At least we got us together!
Sunghoon: Yeah, we can visit them sometime and have fun together again!!!
Mochi: Awww... Don't cry, Yoomin....
Y/N: At least you have them... They're always here to support you!!! Right?

The group nodded as they agreed for what Y/N said to Yoomin.

Yoomin: [sniffles] Huh, really? [wipes his tears] But I still want you here!!!!
Hwansung: We're sorry for Yoomin's behavior, he's really like that.
Sunghoon: Haha! He's just like a kid at all.
Yoomin: [exclaims] HEY!!! YOU TWO!!!! I'M ALREADY A GROWN MAN!!!!!
Hwansung: [sighs] What a boy with cute puppy eyes with a naughty personality....
Yoomin: [screams] くるせ!!!!

He's getting grumpy right now and hilariously beat them up. They're actually joking at all but he takes it seriously. They ended up laughing by seeing this.

Sungjin: [chuckles] These silly kids....

While they keep talking, a Fire Lions Player pats Yuki's shoulder for something.

FL Player: Hey, you got this, Yuki!

The FL Player handed the rolled paper and Yuki picks it.

Yuki: What is that?
FL Player: Just open it and you'll see. Anyways, congratulations, Yuki and we can play again sometime as a team!!
Yuki: You too and wish you luck!!!!

He salutes to his teammate for the goodbye. Y/N and Mochi were very excited to see what is Yuki holding.

Y/N: What is that?
Mochi: Can you please open it?
Yuki: Ah, sure!

He opens and in surprise, he received a scholarship because of the victory. This made them in great shock.
Y/N: [screams] WOW!!! YOU MADE IT, YUKI!!!!!

The three hugged each other as they're celebrating for Yuki's scholarship. Myunghoon also smiled to see the three very happy.

Myunghoon: Hey, Y/N.
Y/N: [pauses] Hm? Yes?
Myunghoon: I know you're going away today but here's a little gift... It's a tape for the next promotions. [sighs] Too bad, you're not here with us anymore...
Y/N: Wow, that was amazing and... thank you!!!
Sungjin: Promise us, Y/N. This tape is definitely great and catchy than you heard!

He secretly run his hand on Myunghoon's chest again. Myunghoon smiles as now he's feeling comfortable by Sungjin's touch. He holds his placed hand.

Myunghoon: Ummm... Y/N... I just want to say thank you that I got here through of this. And now, I'm falling in love with Sungjin now because my heart knows....
Y/N: Ohh, your welcome, Myunghoon! At least you turned delulu to trululu!! What a dream come true!!!

They all laughed as Y/N said to Myunghoon. It was the silly thing that Myunghoon did to Sungjin back then. Myunghoon felt a little embarrassment.

Sungjin: Hehe... I think we're feeling together now. Right, Myunghoon?
Myunghoon: Hmm, yes! I'm glad to have you in my side!!
"Awww!! That's so cute!!!"
"I can't wait to see what will happen next!!"

Sungjin and Myunghoon smiled each other as they happily been together now. Sungjin paused for a moment to say something to Myunghoon.

Sungjin: Myunghoonie....

Instead, he kissed Myunghoon on the cheek. The sound of the smooch made Myunghoon blush and covers his half of his face.

Hwansung: Oops!!! Why do you cover it?
Mochi: It's actually so good!!!
Sunghoon: Silly you!!!

Myunghoon giggled as he really likes the kiss. He realized that Sungjin is super special to him.

Myunghoon: I really love that feeling but this is way better... Since you wanted to do this for a long time....

He deeply breathes and hold Sungjin's hands tightly. He closed his eyes and pressed their delicate lips together. They finally got their lovely kiss. This made them all thrill and scream loudly to see the sweetest moment ever seen in their life.

Yoomin: [thrilled] CAPTURE IT, QUICK!

Hwansung crazily grabs his camera and takes a photo of Sungjin and Myunghoon together.

Myunghoon: I kissed him because I confessed on how much I like him and now, I truly love him...
Sungjin: Same to you. We've been best friends for so long and we finally went like this... I finally feel your love and so you do... This is why I love you....

They let themselves go and stared on each other's eyes turned into sparkling gazes. They hugged at the end.
Y/N smiled as she seeing the two being happy together. This is a great moment she seen before she leaves. Her tears flowing down because it feels like it's a happy ending for them.

Y/N: [wiping her tears] Wow.. I really love to see this beautiful scene....
Mochi: Hey Y/N... Are you alright?
Y/N: Ah! No, I'm just crying because I will miss them... [smiles] Haha....
: Alright, should we take the photo?
: One, two, three, smile!! [flashes]

Their brighter smiles was captured as they're very happy to be together. This is the last moment when they're together as friends. Their friendship is the greatest gift for the three best friends. A great picture left a lot of precious memories of them.

---at the airport---

Myunghoon: So do you think is anything good at Japan?
Y/N: Oh, it's definitely good as they told everything about it to me. Ah, the problem is I can't speak Japanese well.... :')
Myunghoon: Oh it's alright. Just listen and tell them to learn more!
Y/N: [smirks] Haha... You're right, pretty! Thank you!!
Myunghoon: [exclaims] HEY DON'T CALL ME THAT!!!!
Y/N: [laughs] Hehe... I'm sorry! Sungjin-hyung always call you like that.... Oops!! It seems you blushed again!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

She notices that Myunghoon is blushing like a tomato again. But Myunghoon accepts it because this is the feeling of love for.

Y/N: Okay, when will be the next promotions then?
Myunghoon: Maybe on next week. We have to learn the new choreography and prepare for something else.. ^^
Y/N: Woah! Good luck then and keep doing your best!!!
Myunghoon: Thank you so much, Y/N!! Sending best wishes too for your next journey!!
Y/N: You're welcome!!

Myunghoon quickly have her hand to write his phone number on her hand to have contact each other.

Y/N: Woah that was– [pauses] I promise I'll never forget you!!!

Myunghoon: So what is the bouquet for? Do you have a boyfriend before or something?
Myunghoon: Haha... I'm just asking. I don't know who will give it to. Huh–

Y/N turned back to him for a surprise.

Y/N: [smiles] Actually... this is for you.

She gives the bouquet to Myunghoon as a gift of their friendship.

Myunghoon: [shocked] Woah... this is actually for me?....
Y/N: [nods] Yes! It's actually for you. Just to remember and cherish our friendship since we met.
Myunghoon: Don't tell me Sungjin get jealous of this again.
Y/N: Don't worry, this is for you two since you've been finally together!!
Myunghoon: [smiles] Wow... it seems this is the greatest gift I've received... and it's so lovely.... Thank you!!
"Dear passengers of Flight No. 817, the boarding will be starting soon... So please go to your waiting area.... Thank you."
Y/N: Oh it seems, it's time to go now!!

Before she leaves, she hugs Myunghoon to thank him. Myunghoon hugs her back. They finally hugged again but this is for her departure.

Y/N: Bye bye and let's meet again sometime!!!
Myunghoon: Goodbye and take care!!!!!

He's waving at Y/N and watches her walking away for her flight. While she's walking, Y/N smiled to him as she's very thankful to be her friend. She saw Mochi and Yuki waiting and run to them quickly.

Mochi and Yuki: Y/N!!!
Y/N: Hey there!!!
Yuki: Are you ready for our next journey?
Y/N: Of course, I do!!!
Mochi: Hehe.. You will learn new things here than usual. So get ready for this...
Y/N: [intense] Huh?!
Yuki: We're just kidding, Y/N.
Mochi: Oh, here it goes!! Don't miss it out, friends!!!

They quickly run to the airplane before it's closed. They jumped at the end as they're very excited.

---at the airplane---

Mochi and Yuki are keep playing rock scissors since they're rode in. Mochi got a lot of points while Yuki didn't get any single point. He's trying his best to beat her.

"Rock, scissors, and paper!"
"Rock scissors, and paper!"
Mochi: Haha! I won, Yuki-kun!!
Yuki: Hey that's unfair!! You got a lot of points already!!! One more time.
Mochi: Naurr let's play again later!
Yuki: Okay how about I'll kiss you?
Mochi: [exclaims] YUCK EWW NO!!!! I'M ALREADY TAKEN!!!!
Yuki: [frowns] Huh? Who is it?
Mochi: Shhh!!! Haha, it's a secret!!!
Yuki: [exclaims] COME ON PLEASE TELL ME!!!
Mochi: Naurr it's a biggest secret so I wouldn't tell it.
Yuki: Ehemm... Here's the deal, Mochi. Let's play one more time if you don't want to tell your secret! Got it?
Mochi: Okay! But before that, let's check Y/N on what she's doing... Hey, Y/N!!!
Yuki: Do you hear us!!! Hey!!!!

Y/N is just staring at the side window and listening to NRG's tape, Breakfast at Tiffany's (Remix). She's feeling happy because of the upbeat sound and cheerful vibe. She remembers the happy memories between them and the group.

Y/N: There's a lot of things we received and have to cherish them.... I write a letter for Myunghoon-hyung to remember everything our precious moments... ---at myunghoon's bedroom---

Myunghoon went to his bedroom to have a rest. He sits down on his bed and saw a letter. It's a letter from Y/N. He lays down and reads it.

Y/N: "Myunghoon-hyung! It seems you missed me after I leave here. I remember the day we met and I bumped to you... My bike is really broken... ㅜㅜ But don't worry, I already fixed it and I give it to you to use it. ^^ You used to be delulu to Sungjin-hyung, remember? Yoomin-ah, Sunghoon-ah, and Hwansung-ah always teased you because you're super pretty, prettier than mine... TwT ㅋㅋㅋ I helped you to get close with Sungjin-hyung because you really liked him so much.. Yieee...! and You've been finally together by the magical kiss! Woah!... OwO You two together made us thrill a lot.... [giggles] Please take care of your love, okay? Besides from that, thanks to you, I finally you always cheer me up and also my best friends to laugh all day.... Please still show your best and create more music!!! I wish you the good luck and success of your idol career!! Sincerely yours, Y/N."

Myunghoon is delighted after reading the letter from Y/N. It feels like he wants to read it again and again and his heart is racing so fast because his love for Sungjin.

Myunghoon: [smiles] Haahh... Thank you!

---timeskip: one month later, at the backstage---
"Hey, come all here! It's already time!!"
"Yes!!! Wait a minute!!!!"
"Sunghoon-ah, Hwansung-ah!!! Wait for me!!!!"
"Keep your time, anybody!!!! [sighs] Don't too much be excited.."
"Heyy!!!! This performance will be great at all!!!!"

These three are still playful and very silly like kids. Sungjin hops on Myunghoon's back and hugs him tightly. Myunghoon was shocked and felt the weight on his back, almost out balanced. Sungjin's fingers ran on Myunghoon's golden brown fried chicken hair.

Sungjin: So Myunghoonie... It seems you already changed and became cooler than usual...
Myunghoon: [smiles] Haha... You're right, at least I have to move on and same to you! I guess today, you look prettier for now!
Sungjin: [exclaims] HEY!!!! YOU'RE ACTUALLY THE PRETTY ONE, NOT ME!!!! [mutters] How dare you....
Myunghoon: [giggles] Hihi.. I'm sorry but I will be the handsome guy for now!!
Sungjin: [yells] GRRRR!!!! NO WAY!!!!
Myunghoon: Haha.. I'm just joking, Sungjinnie. But okay.

He gives Sungjin a kiss on the forehead to calm him down. Sungjin kissed him back. Their bright smiles always showing as they're very happy. They always having a good moment together.

"Ok time's up!!! Get ready for your performance!!!"
"Okay, let's do this everybody!! One, two, three, oh yeah!!!!"
"Alright, action!"

The fans were screaming loudly as they're very excited for the performance. The members finally grown matured and energetic for the promotions. They keep dancing on the groove than the freaky freaky fishy fishy ones.


The end...