This AU will take place in Tiffany era.

The group are went for the promotions again. Luckily their promotions is scheduled in the morning so they can watch the finals in the afternoon.
Sunghoon, Yoomin, and Hwansung are playing Uno cards in a wrong way. They keep getting each other's cards for the win.

Yoomin: Alright! Since I get a lot of cards, just use your reverse card.
Sunghoon: The reverse card? W... why?
Yoomin: Ohh, it's nothing. Try that move!

Sunghoon nodded and puts the reverse card without hesitation. Yoomin also puts the matching color card and so Hwansung. Sunghoon puts the blue card, which is wrong and lead him to lose. They're laughing because of his wrong move.

Hwansung: BROOOOOOO!!! You just did a wrong move!!!
Sunghoon: What do you guys, mean? I just put the blue card!
Yoomin: But still...

While Sungjin and Myunghoon are chilling around. Myunghoon opens his water bottle and drinks it. Sungjin saw him drinking in a attractive way.

Sungjin: [mutters] Wow...

Myunghoon turned to him after he heard it.

Myunghoon: Is anything wrong, Sungjinnie?
Sungjin: Oh, it's nothing. Can you please do it again because I want to see it once again.
Myunghoon: [nods] Sure thing.

He drinks his water bottle again and he's very attractive. Sungjin smiled because he's way too pretty to see it.

Staff: [claps] Alright, boys! Time for the promotions!

The group having their magazine photoshoots and a performance.

---at the soccer stadium---

Today is the finals of the university league. The audience are cheering loudly as they're very excited for the epic game. The teams are now preparing and trying their best to win.

MC: Welcome to the final tournament! This time. In the first game, we have....

The Fire Lions have already finished three games and finally enter on the final round. As the other teams playing, Yuki keeps playing to gather more strength for the final game. He can't stop working hard as he'll get the win.

Mochi: Yuki, are you sure you can do this?
Yuki: Yes, Mochi! Don't worry about me, I'm just–

He suddenly fainted from his excessive work. Mochi got him to not get in fall.

Mochi: [panics] Yuki! Yuki! Yuki! Hey wake up!!!!

She tries to wakes Yuki up but he felt unconsciousness. The coach and his team ran to him.

Coach: What's going on?
FL Player: Oh no....
Y/N: Mochi!!!

Her snacks fell on the floor as she got in shock when Yuki got fainted.

Y/N: Mochi, what's going on to him??
Mochi: He really got fainted!
Y/N: [panics] What?!! Oh no, the final game will coming next!!! What they're going to do?!!
Mochi: Don't mind that!! Just get some water to drink and a fan for the ventilation.

Y/N nodded as Mochi said and get the things to get him back. She gives it to Mochi and handed to Yuki. Yuki wakes up unconsciously.

Y/N and Mochi: [delighted] Yuki!!!

Yuki: Wh.. wh... what just happened?...
Mochi: You got fainted from working so hard.
Y/N: Maybe you should take a rest for now because you already made it.

Yuki gets himself to sit down. He realized he already made it a lot.

Mochi: Want some more?
Yuki: Sure!

He grabs the water bottle and drinks it too fast.

Yuki: Well about that, I sacrificed myself to work harder just to take the great opportunity..
Y/N: [giggles] Silly, Yuki! It's just a game but don't exalt it too much because it's a hobby at all.
Mochi: Yes, it's a game where you can get motivation in your life.
Yuki: [laughs] You're all right, girls! Now let's time to move–

The Uncanny Dragons leader smashes the door and showing up aggressively. He smirks at Yuki.

Yuki: W-what are you doing here?

He is going to fight back but the Uncanny Dragons Leader confronts to him.

UD Leader: Oh don't worry here, Yuki. We heard that you fainted and it means the "strongest leader" will not carry in this game! Do you get me?

The Uncanny Dragons players laughed at Yuki and Yuki got pissed off.

Yuki: Hey, I'll fight back as long a I get my strength back!!
UD Leader: [looks away] Do you think so? Huh, maybe you'll get faint in the game!!

The Uncanny Dragons left laughing for Yuki's weakness. Yuki truly got pissed off by them and tries to fight back but he got leashed by his best friends.

Mochi: Hey, maybe just show your incredible strength, remember?
Yuki: But still, ah–
Y/N: Mochi's right. Just make those enemies shock by your unexpected strength. Got it, Yuki?
Yuki: [nods] Alright then.
Y/N: Okay! As we promised, let's do a big big hug for you!!!
Mochi: Yeah!!!
Yuki: Haha, thank you so much!!!

They hugged together as they showing support for Yuki.

MC: Okay, this time we're in a final game! Are you all ready?

The audience screamed in excitement for the final game. They're cheering for the final teams.

MC: Okay, the first team we have, the Fire Lions!

The Fire Lions showed up on the field and it seems they have more strength and determination for the final game.

MC: And next one, we have, the Uncanny Dragons!

The Uncanny Dragons showed up on the field and smirked and laughed against the Fire Lions.
They faced each other for the preparation.

UD Leader: Hmph! Well, well, well, maybe you might lose this chance to win this game! Now, we will going to eat this up against you!!

This made Yuki frowned his eyebrows but he looks back on his best friends as they told him not to fight back.

Mochi: Good luck, Yuki-kun!!!!
Y/N: Woo!! Please do it!!!!

Yuki winks at them from his best friends' support.

Yuki: I think you're wrong. This time, I'm going to show you something surprising!!
UD Leader: Oh, what was that? Can you please show it to us so I will know the truth?
Yuki: Yeah, watch me and learn!

The teams were fully ready for the game. The referee whistles as the game started. The game went smoothly for the Fire Lions and got two points. In the further rounds, the Uncanny Dragons rise up and got three points. But still, they tried their best to get two points left.
For the last round, the teams were trying to get the ball. But it's impossible and got surrounded a lot. The FL player gets the ball for the goal but the UD Leader steals it. Yuki quickly gets the ball from him and kick it.
The audience were in shock because of Yuki's unexpected shot. They don't know if the Fire Lions and Uncanny Dragons will have the win. The referee whistles as the game is now over.

MC: That was an unexpected shot! Fire Lions got four points against Uncanny Dragons! Now, the Fire Lions is officially the champion!!!

The audience shouted for the newly university soccer league champion. The friends were jumped and cried in joy as Yuki and his team won the game. The Fire Lions huddled up and shouting for their victory. They also showed their pride for representing their school.

Y/N: YES!!!! THEY MADE IT!!!!!!
Mochi: [sniffles] FINALLY....
Yoomin: Come on everybody, let's go!!

They go down to congratulate Yuki and his team. The fireworks showing up on the night sky as a form of Fire Lions' victory. Yuki seems busying congratulating his teammates for their hard work.

Yuki: We finally made it everybody!!!
Mochi: [shouts] YUKI!!!!!!!
Yuki: [looks back] Hey, everyone!!!!
Hwansung: Wow, your shot was awesome!! I wish we can do that!!!
Sunghoon: Yes, we're very surprised to see it in action!
Sungjin: [claps] Congratulations and please keep it up!!

Myunghoon puts himself on Sungjin's shoulder.

Myunghoon: はい、はい!We're very happy to win the game and we love you so much!! Hm?

Sungjin stared at him blankly after he said 'love you' in just a simple way.

UD Leader: [pats his shoulder] Congratulations, Yuki.
Yuki: [wonders] Huh?
UD Leader: I'm so sorry that I judged you earlier.
Yuki: Oh, it's okay. No worries, hehe...
UD Leader: I realized you're actually strong and energetic at all.. You did an amazing shot in the end. Congratulations and good game.

He have his hand to Yuki to shake it. Yuki nodded and they shake their hands together as a sign of reconciliation. They both smiled.

Yuki: Good game too! You also did great in the game!
UD Coach: Hey, we have to go now!

The UD Leader frowned and quickly left as they're going to leave.

Yuki: [shouts] Hoped we see again sometime!!
Mochi: Oh, tonight is our year end party, right?
Y/N: Yeah!
Mochi: It means we have to prepare something for this event! Woohoo!!!
Y/N: See you all later!!!
Yuki: Thank you for all your messages!!!!
Yoomin: Congratulations again, Yuki!!!!
Myunghoon: Hoped you enjoy your party tonight, friends!!!!

Y/N and her friends left as they're going to prepare for their year end party tonight.

---at mochi's room---

Y/N and Yuki quickly run to Mochi's as they're prepared already for the year end party. They look stunning with their sparkling outfits.

Y/N: Mochi, we're here!!
Yuki: You'll be very excited for this blast!!

Mochi is still doing her makeup on. In the mirror, she looks like a prom princess for Yuki. She's almost done but a ringing sound of the telephone caught Mochi's ears. She gets up and answers the phone.

Mochi: Hello?
Mochi's auntie: "Hi dear. Hoped you enjoy your studies in South Korea with your best friend Yuki but... [breathes] I have to say something."
Mochi: What is it?

The two opened the door of her room.

Y/N: Mochi!!! We're here– Huh? Hey... are you....

She went in silence when she heard Mochi's call from her auntie and they stand still to hear it.

Mochi's auntie: "I'm sorry to say about this. But your mom told you to leave in South Korea after you graduated middle school..."

This message made the best friends in shock...

To be continued....