This AU will take place in Tiffany era.

Today is the soccer competition. The competition consists of teams from each schools. Their team, Fire Lions is already prepared and doing warm ups. The coach told them the good strategies and tricks to win.

Coach: Okay. First of all, beside on their cheers, just focus on the game and be attentive when the enemies are approaching you. Make sure you secure the ball properly from them, okay?

The players nodded as they followed him.

Coach: Always remember, use this technique!!

The players laughed as he made a funny and powerful pose.

Coach: Okay players, form!!

Yuki: [nods to him] Alright, let's do this together and shine our best!!!

They screamed and raised their hands as they want a goal.

The students and visitors are screaming in excitement. Their yells and cheers of the cheerleaders of each other's teams seems they show a lot of passion and energy to make them win. Also, the students holding their teams' banner and wave their flags. Y/N and Mochi are cheering for Yuki loudly. The group also attended his game.

MC: Okay, let's go to the first battle! The first team is... Fire Lions!!!!

The Fire Lions showed up with fierce and confidence. The students' are cheering the team loudly and raising their banners and flags. The team do the iconic technique learned from their couch.

MC: Next up, we have... Wild Angels!!!!

Majority of the students' are screaming loudly because the Wild Angels are very handsome and charming. The team leader swept his hair and winked as he's feeling carefree to win the game. But he's actually spoiled and selfish at all. It seems the field looks like a concert now because of him.

MC: Okay, let's go on the first round! Wild Angels vs Fire Lions!!!!

The team leaders facing forward each other.

WA Leader: Okay, Yuki. Show me what you got!
Yuki: Yeah, I don't need about it. [smashing his fists] At least I have my strength since I practiced a lot.
WA Leader: Hmph!! Whatever what you say and I have of fans, look!

The audience screamed as he embraces them so much.

Y/N: Oh no, he's gonna lose....
Mochi: Don't worry, he's only focusing his popularity.
Y/N: You're right, Mochi! Let's cheer Yuki up loudly to prove he's better and stronger!!

They both cheering for Yuki loudly. Yuki smirked as they told him he's stronger than that sparkling leader.

Yuki: See, I also have some fans too! But remember, just focus on the game!

His fans screamed loudly after he roasted the WA leader. The WA leader frowned.

WA Leader: [grunts] Alright, let's start the game!

The referee whistles as the game starts. The players quickly rumble the ball. The cheers are getting louder as to manifest their teams' win. Yoomin cheerfully waves the Fire Lions' banner, and Sunghoon and Hwansung are using megaphones to cheer for them loudly. But some people told them to stop using it because it's distracting to the others. They laughed again as they're very silly.
Myunghoon saw a WA player who looks like Sungjin. It seems he's more handsome and better than the real one. He cheers him up although he didn't know him. He's very super delulu again.
Myunghoon: OH MY GOD, SUNGJIN YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!! WOO!!!!!

Sungjin put his hands on Myunghoon's waist and squish him to stop. Myunghoon squealed as he feel it.

Sungjin: Hey, the real Sungjin is here in your back.
Myunghoon: [squirms] Hey, don't–
Sungjin: Just only cheer for Yuki and his team, don't focus on that copycat.

Myunghoon paused after Sungjin said that. He continues to cheer for Yuki and his team.
The FL players are about to get the goal but the WA player kick them off and cause them to get a point. The referee whistles.

MC: Wild Angels got one point against Fire Lions!

The fans are screaming loudly as the Wild Angels got one point. While for Y/N and Mochi are worried for Yuki to lose.

Y/N: Ohh my... They don't get a point.....

Sungjin slaps Myunghoon softly.

Myunghoon: Hey!!!
Sungjin: I told you not to cheer that copycat! Hmph, Yuki will be lose this time!
Yoomin: Calm down, everybody!!! It's just the first round. [smirks] Let's look for the next rounds!!!

Y/N and Mochi smiled after Yoomin said they'll win in the next rounds.

MC: On the second round!
Y/N: You can do this, Yuki!!!!
Mochi: Don't give up and fight back to set your goal!!!!!

The referee whistles as the game starts again. This time, the Fire Lions went well in the game. They grew stronger again. After four rounds, they're trying to get the ball away from them. The WA leader blocks the FL player to go pass through. The FL player tries to pass it but Yuki have the ball and quickly kicks it. The referee whistles as the team got the goal.

MC: What a great shot! Fire Lions got three points against the Wild Angels!!!

The audience screaming for the victory of Fire Lions while the fans of Wild Angels are crying because their team lose. Y/N and Mochi, and the group are very happy for Yuki and his team. Hwansung and Sunghoon are hugging each other in joy.

Yoomin: YES!!! HE MADE IT!!!!!!

MC: It means the Fire Lions will enter to the finals!!!

The team huddles as they shout for their victory. They quickly ran to the team.

Mochi: Oh, Yuki!!!! You finally made it!!!!!!
Y/N: We're happy to show your strength from that sparkling leader!!!!
Sunghoon: Woo!!! Please keep it up for the finals!!!!!
Yuki: [smiles] Thank you, everybody!!!!

While they're talking with Yuki, Myunghoon saw the Sungjin copycat walking away along with his team. He quickly approaches and shouts.

Myunghoon: Ah, Sungjin!!! We'll see you around sometime and keep on playing!!! I–

Sungjin covers Myunghoon's mouth to not make the player heard what he said. Myunghoon tries to let go from Sungjin's grip and he smells the aroma from Sungjin's hand to make him calm down.

Yoomin: Okay, Yuki. So can we have to call our fans here to cheer you a lot?
Yuki: [giggles] Hehe... it might be a silly idea, Yoomin. And mostly, it's not a concert at all.
Hwansung: [pokes Yoomin] Hey!!!

Yoomin ends up laughing as he's going to make it sparkling just like the WA Leader.

Sunghoon: [clears throat] So should we watch an another game??
Myunghoon: [crying inside] Man, I just want to go home and take a rest.
Sungjin: [laughs] Go, as you want! We'll see you here in someplace!!
Yuki: You'll miss out an epic moment right here!!!

---at the balcony---

Sungjin was on a higher balcony. He was singing Island to know how he feels. The atmosphere is windy and the wind shimmers on him to have a silent touch.

"You're about to collapse in the pain of being alone again, so can't you just be allowed to be me who waited for you?..."

Myunghoon also went here to take some fresh air. He heard Sungjin's singing voice. It's beautiful and mesmerizing to hear them. He takes a deep breath to sing.

"Because I'm not the only one invited to you..."

Sungjin was shocked to hear an unexpected voice. He looks aside and it was Myunghoon. It sees he has pretty sight for him. He went closer to him.

Myunghoon: Hm?.... Sungjin?
Sungjin: [chuckles] Wanna sing with me?
Myunghoon: [nods] Hm! Of course!

"Because I'm not the only one invited to you..."
"My stiffened lips are only looking back..."
"Please look at me, no matter how many times I call you, I can't hear you..."
"To you who can't love me..."

After they sing, they stared at the purple and orange skies with a sinking sun. It was beautiful to see it.

Sungjin: Is it beautiful?
Myunghoon: Yeah... Everything is seems so beautiful....

The glistening moist of Myunghoon's lips caught Sungjin's attention. Sungjin wipes it with his finger. It's so clear and glossy.

Sungjin: [fascinated] Wow, it's soft and sweet.... I want to touch them so bad....

Myunghoon covers his lips. It was a beautiful feeling for him. Sungjin stared at him blankly. He lay his head down on Myunghoon's arm.

Myunghoon: [blushes] Hm!
Sungjin: How do you feel right now?...
Myunghoon: Uh....I'm feeling good....

Sungjin: Okay... How about this?...

His closed his eyes and his head roams on Myunghoon's chest to listen his heartbeat. At the first, Myunghoon's heart is beating rapidly but seconds later, it went slowly.

Myunghoon: [breathes] Haaah... It feels so warm.....

Sungjin: Is it better for you?

Myunghoon: Yeah, it seems I have a sweeter feeling now....
Sungjin: [smiles] Hihi... It was pretty to hear that...

Myunghoon also closed his eyes. They went in silence to listen the wind breeze.

Sungjin: [gets up] Hey! We don't want to miss it!
Myunghoon: Wh-wha... What?
Sungjin: It's nothing. Myunghoonie. It's just... [breathes] why do you adored that copycat?
Myunghoon: I never adored him plus I didn't know about that guy. You know the fact, he's so handsome just like you.

Sungjin: [exclaims] Seriously?! Haha, I'm way too handsome from that, you pretty!

He rubs Myunghoon's hair to look messy.

Myunghoon: Hey!!

Sungjin: [giggles] Guess what?

He's done messing up Myunghoon's hair. It looks like the same as the previous hairstyle.

Sungjin: It seems you look pretty with that hairstyle. I really want to see it back, look!

He hands the mirror to Myunghoon to know how he looked now. Myunghoon looked at the mirror and it seems he gained his cute and pretty look back. The stars sparkled on his eyes to have more attraction.

Myunghoon: Wow... why did you do this to me? Huh–

Sungjin put his finger between Myunghoon's lips to silence him.

Sungjin: Let's see about it...

To be continued....