This AU will take place in Tiffany era.

It's 7:00 am in the morning, Sungjin is now awake and keep lying down while Myunghoon is still asleep. Myunghoon finally open his eyes and the first sight is see it's Sungjin.

Sungjin: Good morning!

Myunghoon freaks out when Sungjin is on beside him. This made him blush a little.

Myunghoon: W... Wha-wha- Why am I here and wh..what happened? That's strange....
Sungjin: Don't worry about it, you fell asleep yesterday at the event so I bring you here to have a good place to sleep.
Myunghoon: Ohhh... That's why....

His face looks pale when he knows he can't reach the end of the event yesterday night. Sungjin put his hand on his shoulder.

Sungjin: Cheer up! How about we can play a game?
Myunghoon: What game?
Sungjin: Oh, it's a whisper game where you can ask any questions and you will answer them. After you answer my question, you will ask a question and I'll answer it.
Myunghoon : Ohhh.. I got it! Should we start the game?

Sungjin nodded to him as they will start the game.

Sungjin: [whispers] What is 1+1?
Myunghoon: It's 2.
Sungjin: [laughs] Wrong, you silly. It's 11. Your turn.
Myunghoon: [whispers] What happens if you all the dice?
Sungjin: Oh, maybe you will get a random number.
Myunghoon: Your answer is right but there's missing.
Sungjin: Huh?
Myunghoon: Everytime you roll the dice, you will get a random number but the number you got has a good or bad luck.
Sungjin was stunned after hearing a fact about the dice.
Sungjin: [whispers] Which do you prefer, strawberries or cream?
Myunghoon: Strawberries!
Sungjin: I also love strawberries, [whispers] But with cream. Hihi.....
Myunghoon: [whispers] If there's a wishing star, what will you wish for?
Sungjin: We always stick together and have a successful life.
Myunghoon: That's interesting. Huh–

Sungjin wrapped his hands around Myunghoon's neck for the surprising question.

Myunghoon: [mutters] It's so freaking cold....
Sungjin: [whispers] What is the meaning of 143?
Myunghoon: One hundred and forty-three?
Sungjin: No, it's actually..... [breathes] I love you....

Myunghoon got paused for what Sungjin said to him. But he ended up laughing.
Myunghoon: [laughs] What, seriously?! It means "I love you"? It's... just a number at all!!!

Sungjin pouted when Myunghoon didn't know the exact meaning of 143. He pinches Myunghoon's cheek to stop him for being naughty again. Myunghoon made another loud noises again.

Sungjin: 143 MEANS I LOVE YOU, SILLY!!!!
Myunghoon: SUNGJINNIE STOP!!!!! [breathes] I'm... I'm... I'm already hungry...
Sungjin: Oh sorry.. We're going to have breakfast here downstairs. Come on, let's go down.

They went down to the restaurant as they going to eat breakfast. They ordered coffee, waffles, and strawberries with cream. It seems they enjoyed their delicious and sweet breakfast.

Sungjin: How it tastes like?
Myunghoon: Oh, it's just sweet at all. Hehe...
Sungjin: Hmmm, that's sounds good....
Myunghoon: What? I'm just saying this waffles is sweet.
Sungjin: It's nothing, Myunghoonie. Come on, want some strawberries?
Myunghoon: Yes!

He's about to get Sungjin's strawberries but Sungjin won't let him to get them. Instead Sungjin will feed him.

Sungjin: Open your mouth.

Myunghoon takes a bite of strawberry as Sungjin feeds him.

Myunghoon: Oh I got it! Here you go!

He feeds his strawberry to Sungjin. Sungjin feed him back. After Myunghoon takes his strawberry, Sungjin noticed a little cream on his lips so Sungjin licked it. Myunghoon blushed when he feel the warmth while Sungjin giggles. They enjoyed it and it looks like they're playing a cute game.

---at the park---

Sunghoon, Yoomin, and Hwansung are playing basketball at the park. They finally play peacefully.

Sunghoon: Yoomin, catch!

Yoomin passes the ball and runs to the hoop but Hwansung chases him. Hwansung tries to get the ball from Yoomin but Yoomin shoots the ball quickly.

Sunghoon: Woo!! Nice shot, Yoomin!!!
Hwansung: Good game, Yoomin!!

He gave Yoomin a high-five for his best shot.

Yoomin: Want another game?
Sungjin: Of course!
Yoomin: [turns back] Sungjin-hyung! Myunghoon-hyung! You're here!

He catches the ball to Sungjin and Sungjin passes it.

Hwansung: Before we start, how's your night together?
Myunghoon: Oh no, no, no! We're just sleeping!

Sungjin pushed him lightly.

Sungjin: Shhh... [whispers] our breakfast earlier.

This made Myunghoon blush more about the strawberries.

Myunghoon: Well that's it... Should we start the game now?
Yoomin: Of course!
Sunghoon: Are we all ready?

They started playing another game.

---at the school court---

Yuki is practicing for his soccer game for tomorrow. His working hard to make his team win. Y/N and Mochi watching him for hours.

Y/N: Hey, Yuki. That's enough, you have to rest for now.
Yuki: [walks in] I don't need to rest! Plus we might lose if I didn't practice harder.
Mochi: Don't worry, Yuki. Since you practice hard, you finally gained strength for tomorrow's game. Now have a break and drink water.

Yuki takes a deep breath and drinks water. He trusted Mochi's words.

Yuki: You're right, Mochi. It's good to refresh my energy!!
Mochi: [giggles] That's great to hear that!! How about you–

Y/N felt silent between them. There's some possibilities she felt jealousy because of them. They run to her to tell how she feel.

Mochi: Y/N, is anything wrong?
Y/N: Nothing, I'm just.....

Y/N break downs feeling lonely and running away from them.

Mochi and Yuki: [exclaims] Y/N!!!!

They tried to chase her and finally they got her. They saw her fully covered on the side.

Mochi: Y/N, what's wrong??? Please tell me!!!!!!
Yuki: Sorry we never did anything bad to you, promise!!!!

Y/N didn't respond to them. She looks up and a teardrop fell down on her eye. This made them shock for her sudden feeling. Mochi takes a deep breath and wipes Y/N's tears.

Mochi: Hey, it's alright. You're not feeling alone at all. Beside, we're always here for you, remember?
Y/N: Hmmmmm....
Mochi: Are you sure you're feeling okay?
Y/N: [nods] Yeah.....
Mochi: [pats Y/N] It's okay. Look at me, Y/N it's your best friend and she's always here in your side!

Y/N was delighted by Mochi's words. She looks up and feeling happier again.

Y/N: I'm right, Mochi! We should always be together forever!!
Mochi: [smiles] Are you feeling okay now?
Y/N: [smiles] Yeah!!!
Yuki: Hey, Y/N! Do you think I'll win the game tomorrow?
Y/N: Yeah!! You always practice all day until the night. Good luck to the tomorrow's game anyway!!!
Yuki: Haha... Thanks, Y/N!!!
Mochi: Now can we have our group hug?
Y/N: Sure!!
Yuki: Yeah!!!

They started to hug Y/N to comfort her. Y/N finally gained happiness again from them. They promised to always be stick together forever as three. This is a great hug for them as bestest friends.

To be continued...