- Myunghoon is super delulu
- Sungjin is Myunghoon's best friend
- Sunghoon and Hwansung are definitely siblings
- Yoomin is friends with Y/N and Mochi (Y/N's best friend)
- Y/N and Mochi are best friends and both love NRG

This AU will take place in Tiffany era.

Y/N was riding on a bike on the sidewalks. She was listening one of NRG's songs, Smile. She really loves this song so much. She seems she's enjoying listening to it while riding on a bike. Until then, she accidentally bumped to someone and cause them to fall.
Y/N tries to get up but groaned in pain. She looks up and she saw a familiar face.

Y/N: [eyes widened] Is that Myunghoon?

It's a slender man with a youthful look and moist cherry lips. It's actually her idol, Myunghoon, a member of the boy group, NRG.
She was super shocked to see him but she feels sorry for the accident.

Myunghoon: Are you okay?

He handed her his hand to help her to stand up. She takes his hand.

Y/N: I'm really so sorry for bumping you here... I'm not aware for the surroundings and hehe, my bike is now broken.
Myunghoon: [smiles] Oh it's okay, I'm really fine and so you do. Hoped you bike fixed well soon.
Y/N: [smiles awkwardly] Thank you so much.
Y/N: [waves her hand] Hoped we can see again sometime!

Myunghoon gave her a wave and walked away.
She was stunned to see her idol in person. That's her chance to talk to him. She wants to say a word but she doesn't feel it.

Y/N: [crying inside] Jeez, how can I go back home when my bike is now broken?

She tries to walk home with her bike broken.

---at mochi's room---

Mochi: Oh my god, it's Myunghoon??? You should scream that is actually him!!!!! Like you know, that's your chance to see him in person!!!!
Y/N: Chill, Mochi. I didn't know that is him thus, I bumped to him in accident.
Yoomin: [breaks in] Hi girls!
Mochi: Oh Yoomin!

She was very excited to share about Y/N.

Mochi: Yoomin, look at Y/N, she met Myunghoon in person today!!!

Y/N awkwardly smiled.

Yoomin: Really? Oh, that's awesome!!! I can tell it to Myunghoon about a super fan who bumped with her bike.
Y/N: [exclaims] What?! No, Yoomin please don't tell it to the other fans here...
Yoomin: [whispers] Oh don't worry about it, I won't tell it to anyone else, only for him.

He chuckles a bit as he wants to tell it to the other members too.

Yoomin: Have a good day, girls!

He slams the door loudly and left the room cheerfully.

Mochi: [grabs and shakes Y/N] See, Myunghoon will know about it!!! Yeeeesss!!!!!

Poor Y/N got in embarrassment.

---at the practice room---

They doing a practice again of Breakfast at Tiffany's for tomorrow's stage performances. The members were exhausted and taking a rest. While taking a rest, Yoomin went to Myunghoon to say something about Y/N.

Yoomin: Hey, Myunghoon.
Myunghoon: Yoomin-ah, is anything wrong here?
Yoomin: Everything is fine but, have you seen a fan riding on a bike bumped to you?
Myunghoon: Yeah she's just a normal fan of mine. [sighs] Luckily, we didn't get any injuries from that.
Yoomin: Maybe you should bring her to the clinic and talk about you!!
Myunghoon: We don't need to go to clinic for that! We're totally fine!

Sungjin pats his shoulder.

Sungjin: [whispers] Hey, what are you talking about?
Myunghoon: [blushes] No, it's nothing.
Sungjin: Well is it about your fan?
Myunghoon: Yeah....

The three were taking about the story. Sunghoon and Hwansung seems want to join the conversation too.

Hwansung: Hey, it seems they have a good talk, should we join them?
Sunghoon: Of course, yeah!

They went in for the conversation. Myunghoon doesn't know what's going on to them.

---morning, 7:00am---

Myunghoon wakes up and trying to get out of his bed. He looks up on the bathroom mirror and saw something strange on him.. He looks prettier than usual. He screams loudly.

Myunghoon: Sungjin...
Sungjin: Oh, Myunghoonie... Eh, there's something wrong– [freezes] Huh?

Myunghoon puts his hands on Sungjin's shoulders.

Myunghoon: [whispers] Do I look pretty?
Sungjin: Yeah.. Eh, what's going on to you?
Myunghoon: [whispers] I'm fine... But, you're look cute and pretty like a doll. [chuckles] It's adorable actually.
Sungjin: Wh-what?? [exclaims] OH MY GOD YOU'RE DELULU NOW!!!!!!!!!!
Myunghoon: Eh, what is delulu?
Sungjin: Nothing... just I was shocked because of your strange personality.
Myunghoon: What personality–

He collapses down.

Sungjin: Myunghoon? Myunghoon? Can you hear me????

Sungjin panics and tries to wake him up. Myunghoon wakes up and laughing.

Sungjin: Hey!!
Myunghoon: Oh, sorry.....

Sunghoon and Hwansung came to them.

Sunghoon: Jeez, what's going on to him?
Myunghoon: I'm totally fine.. but– OH MY GOD SUNGJIN???!!!!

He collapses again because he was totally musing about his best friend. His heart beating so fast and his face flushed red. Yoomin is trying to calm him down.

Sunghoon: Huh? What's really going on???
Hwansung: Is he crazy or something?
Sungjin: He's actually delulu.
Sunghoon & Hwansung: Eh, what is delulu?!!!
Yoomin: Being delulu is just having weird imaginations and odd behaviors.
Sunghoon: So Myunghoon-hyung will be crazy all day?!!!
Hwansung: Should we bring him to the hospital?
Sungjin: Oh don't worry about it, he'll be fine sometime.
Myunghoon: [walks] Sungjin please....

Sungjin got scared by his deluluness and caused him to run away. Myunghoon was trying to catch him but Yoomin leashed him. Yoomin loses his grip on him, causing him to chase Sungjin. The two followed him.

Yoomin, Sunghoon, and Hwansung: [running] MYUNGHOON-HYUNG, WAIT!!!!! YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN!!!!!!!
Myunghoon: [running] WAIT FOR ME SUNGJINNIE!!!!!!!!

The members were keep running around, and Y/N and Mochi saw them.

Mochi: Wait, is that NRG?
Y/N: That's strange, why they're running around in the public? Like I've never seen them like this in public.

Sungjin keeps running away until he accidentally pushed Y/N and her croissant.

Y/N: [crying inside] No, my croissant. :')
Mochi: Are you okay, Y/N?

She helps Y/N to stand up.

Y/N: Yes, I'm fine. Wait, is that Sungjin who passing by to us?
Mochi: Yes, it's actually him look!

She pointed out the members chasing him at the other side of the sidewalk.

Y/N: Oh that's why they're running around....
Mochi: Do you get the point, Y/N?

Y/N nodded to her.

The members keep running around for Myunghoon and he run far away. He keeps on running and running until he tripped over and feeling unconscious.

To be continued....