What if the 1st gen kpop are in "All of Us are Dead"?

This is might be very random.. After watching All of Us are Dead with my siblings, I really got hooked in and want to imagine with some 1st gen idols. But this is very different for me where JYP (in 90s era) is the lead of the story and he really started the JYPbie outbreak in the school and spreading the entire city. Reminder this is only a parody and for fun. Spoilers warning from the series and let's get started! ^^

Episode 1

It was started where Jiyoung of S#arp (Hyeon-ju) curiously saw a cat outside and pets it. But the cat doesn't like her and bites her hand. Jiyoung got in pain and the cat went to JYP (in 90s era) and JYP saw her and got mad at her said:

"Don't touch my poosycat!!"

JYP bombastic side-eyed Jiyoung and leaves. Moments later, Jiyoung got nosebleed, her bite spread around her skin, and her bones slowly crunching causing her turning to JYPbie. So she quickly went to her classroom to tell her symptoms. She hides her being JYPbie to her teacher and classmates. The teacher and students bring Jiyoung to the nurse's office/clinc to cure her symptoms. While the students trying to calm Jiyoung down, Jiyoung acting strange and became a JYPbie and saying "JaY wHY Pee~" and "Ahww HOnEY~" and she scratches Bada of S.E.S (On-jo). The students and teacher were shocked about her symptoms. The nurse quickly tries to inject Jiyoung but Jiyoung bites the nurse. She got calmed down for a moment and bring her to the hospital to check her up.

After Jiyoung brought to the hospital, the nurse became a JYPbie because of Jiyoung. Seokhyun and Chris of S#arp walking around and looks at the nurse's office and the nurse got collapsed. They tried to wake up the nurse and the nurse became a JYPbie and attacks them but got hit against the wall. The nurse continues to attack them until she bites Chris and Seokhyun. The JYPbies are slowly increasing in the campus causing to start the JYPbie apocalypse.

The students were having their recess in the cafeteria but many students/idols ramble and panic around the cafeteria because of the JYPbies. The idols in the cafeteria also panicked too and try to run away and escape. Hyungjun of Taesaja (Cheong-san) tries to find Bada to protect her from JYPbies. They roughly find a place to escape and hide. While Hyori of Fin.K.L (Nam-ra), is walking around reading with her headphones on without knowing there's a JYPbie apocalypse. So Kangta of H.O.T. (Su-hyeok) grabs Hyori's arm and runs away from the JYPbies. While the others, Junseok of Taesaja (Gyeong-su), Myunghoon of NRG (Joon-yeong), Danny of g.o.d. (Wu-jin), Heejin of Baby VOX (I-sak), Eunhye of Baby VOX (Na-yeon), Lee Jin of Fin.K.L. (Hyo-ryung), Shoo of S.E.S (Ji-min), Ayako of Circle (Min-ji), and rest of their members staying in the classroom safely without letting anyone in.

For Jiyoung, she's at the hospital to check her condition. But she's a JYPbie and she bites the doctor and patients. The people at the hospital are also in ramble and panic because she's being a monster to them.

Episode 2

Because of Jiyoung, the people at the hospital are turning into JYPbies and spreading through the city. Seo Taiji having his concert in the city. Instead cheering him, many people rambled and screaming very loud around because of the JYPbies. The JYPbies biting the crowd of the concert and the crowd running away. Seo Taiji even didn't know what's going to the people and also run away to hide.

Hyungjun and Bada running around the campus to find a safe place to hide until they saw a classroom with students hiding. They knocked the door to let them in but Eunhye and Myunghoon got scared because they thinks they got bitten. Junseok let Hyungjun and Bada in and they told them that they're safe and no JYPbie bites. Heejin hugs Bada tightly because Bada is fine. While Kangta and Hyori also tries to find a safe place to hide. And then, they saw a ladder and they climbed to the second floor. Kangta grabs the window as a sign to let them in. All the students got shocked because they thought it's a JYPbie coming to them and Hyungjun opened the window and let Kangta in. Hyori tries to climb in last minute but a JYPbie grabs the ladder and luckily, Hyori climbed in and Kangta holds her ang grabs her inside. They finally all safe until Jiwon of Sechskies (Dae-su) knocks the door. Junseok opened it and Jiwon was covered of fire extinguisher on his face and he ensures he didn't get bitten. Minutes later, Kim Taehyung of Sobangcha and CEO of Music Factory (the coach teacher) went in their hideout despite has a JYPbie bite already. They were shocked to see the coach teacher entering to them. Heejin noticed Kim Taehyung has a JYPbie bite on his wrist but Kim Taehyung doesn't care and wants to belittle Heejin. Kim Taehyung got nosebleed as he slowly turns into JYPbie. The students were distanced theirselves away from Kim Taehyung and very scared to see him becoming a JYPbie. After Kim Taehyung turns into JYPbie, the students dodged away and he bites Ayako. Kangta and Danny grabs Kim Taehyung off. Ayako cries as she doesn't want to be a JYPbie and approaches Eunhye and Eunhye was scared and pushes her away. Myunghoon also hides under the teacher's desk. When Ayako turns into a JYPbie, she tries to bite everyone and cause them to panic but Jiwon holds her. Hyungjun told everyone to go out and the four men can take care of the JYPbies. After everyone left, they let go of the JYPbies and go out and closes the door.

When everyone is out, the JYPbies are coming to them and causing them to panic. Hyungjun and Kangta finds a solution and grabs the glass windows to push the JYPbies away. Jiwon, Junseok, and Danny also takes care on the right side. They told others to help and push the JYPbies. While everyone is pushing and panicking, Bada founds a place to hide and it's a science lab but i t's locked. So Bada grabs the fire extinguisher hose and tries to break the padlock. Heejin noticed the JYPbie is coming to them and Hyungjun smashes it and fell down. But suddenly, the JYPbie comes back underneath and bites Heejin's leg. Bada finally unlocks the door and the survivors quickly let inside. The men quickly pushes the JYPbies away and closes the door. They finally went inside the science lab together. But for Jiwon while he's resting, a JYPbie grabbed his face and screaming 'shibal'. Myunghoon tries to save Jiwon with a fire extinguisher but he accidentally breaks the window and causing more JYPbies breaking in. Everyone is shocked to see more JYPbies breaking in to them. Eunhye keeps on panicking and tell anyone to cover them. So everyone trying to cover them with tables and chairs.

After the mess, they finally rest peacefully. For Bada and Heejin, Bada feels Heejin's hand is so cold and she worries she might be a JYPbie. Heejin remembers she got bitten on the leg while pushing the JYPbies and assures she'll be fine. But Heejin is slowly nosebleeding and looks at the mirror that she's slowly becoming a JYPbie. Everyone is now in panic and Eunhye screams a lot. Heejin tells Bada she will not be a JYPbie and hugs her tightly. Bada is now crying because she might say goodbye to her best friend, Heejin and Heejin turns into a JYPbie. Eunhye is now in panic and commanded everyone to throw Heejin on the window. Hyungjun pushes Heejin on the window but Bada holds Heejin's hand as she's trying to save her and not to let go. Eunhye gives the chair to Hyungjun and tries to let go of Heejin from Bada. Hyungjun finally let go of Heejin and falls down. Bada remembers the happy memories with Heejin and breaks down crying because her best friend gone. Everyone felt bad for Bada and went in silence.

Uhm Junghwa (Miss Park) is in the broadcasting room and telling the students to stay alive and cries. While hearing Junghwa's speech, the survivors cried a lot because all of this deadly disaster and they think they can't survive longer. Kangta looks down on the window and he saw Miss Junghwa is alone and safe. He finally had an idea to move to Miss Junghwa's place and told Hyungjun to get the fire extinguisher from the outside quietly. After a lot of attempts, Hyungjun grabs it with the human's toy arm and make it as a ladder. He told Junseok to climb down first and Junseok tries to climb down carefully until Miss Junghwa saw him and let him in. When Junseok is now at the broadcasting room, he asks anyone who's next and Jiwon climbs down and made it to the room. Myunghoon is the next to climb but he has fear of heights and after he made it, his left foot got paralyzed. Eunhye is the next one since she was very scared of JYPbies then Shoo, Lee Jin, Danny, and Hyori. Bada stay silent because of losing Heejin and Hyungjun told Bada to go before the JYPbies breaks in the room. Bada lastly climbs down and successfully made in ther broadcasting room. But for Hyungjun, the JYPbies breaking in the science room and Hyungjun quickly jumps off. They don't know what happened to Hyungjun...

Episode 3

Hyungjun luckily holds himself on the hose but a JYPbie holds his foot. He tries to flee the JYPbie away from him and calls Kangta for help. Kangta saw Hyungjun holding for so long and quickly jumps to him and the JYPbie flew away and falls down. Hyungjun blushed when Kangta holds him tightly. Bada and Hyori saw them hugging and bursted out laughing. While for Eunhye and Junseok, they have a fight because of the situation going on. Eunhye keeps sueing Junseok and saying 'shibal' to him and Junseok calling her 'shibal' back. Miss Junghwa told them to stop fighting and they don't say sorry to each other. Hyungjun and Kangta finally went in the room safely. Myunghoon opens the room's computer to check the forum on what's going on and he reads the JYPbie apocalypse spreading around the city. He's about to read the replies, the fire hose breaks the window and a JYPbie almost breaks in the window. This made everyone in shock and panic. Hyungjun tries to attack the JYPbie with a mop but the stick is shortened. So Kangta helps him to attack the JYPbie out. After a lots of attempts, Junseok throws a CPU to the JYPbie and fell down but he got a scratch from the broken window glass.

Eunjin of Baby VOX (Mi-jin), Andy of Shinhwa (Jun-seong), and Eugene of S.E.S (Ha-lim) are staying at the restroom. Eugene is breathing rapidly as she was scared for being a JYPbie. Eunjin opens the door and saw Eugene has a JYPbie bite on her neck. She quickly shuts the door and ready to attack Eugene. Eugene cries as she was scared but Eunjin doesn't listen and Andy worried about Eugene's feeling. When Eugene turns into a JYPbie, Eunjin quickly stabs Eugene on the mouth and she told Andy to push her away. They pushed Eugene away but Eugene strikes back to them and an arrow hit on her neck then dies. It was Haejung of UP (Ha-ri) and Joon Park of g.o.d. (Min-jae) the seniors from the archery club. Haejung sets her arrow again as she thinks Eunjin and Andy are JYPbies. They told them they're not JYPbies and have no bites. So Haejung and Joon Park decided to team up with Eunjin and Andy.

Back to the broadcasting room, Eunhye and Junseok are saying sorry to each other about earlier's. Eunhye tries to cure Junseok's scratch with a handkerchief but actually, the handkerchief has the JYPbie blood on it and Hyori saw it on her eyes. They awed and clapped their hands to see Eunhye and Junseok finally apologized and at the same time, confessed their feelings. Moments later, Junseok is nosebleeding and signs turning into a JYPbie. He turns to Eunhye and Eunhye commands to kick him out. He got hallucinated and he saw the survivors as JYPbies and growling as they want to eat him. He was very scared and tell them to stay away from him. He's about to leave the room but he slowly turns into a JYYPbie. Hyungjun whistles '작별' by NRG to Junseok and Junseok falls on the ground. Hyungjun breaks down crying after his best friend Junseok fell on the ground.

The police investigating what's going on the city and see the JYPbies. They saw many people are running and panicking to the JYPbies so the police attacks the JYPbies with their shotguns but some of the police got bitten and turned into JYPbies.

Aftermath on Junseok's death, the group murmuring about the window scratch caused Junseok on being a JYPbie. Hyori speaks up and she saw Eunhye has the JYPbie blood on the handkerchief and puts it on Junseok's wound. This made everyone in shock especially Hyungjun and slowly turns his anger to Eunhye. Eunhye tells it's actually from Junseok's blood in his wound. Hyori slaps Eunhye hardly as it's a lie and tells her to put the blood on her wound too. Eunhye was about to put it but Miss Junghwa told her to stop doing that. Eunhye didn't listen and almost put the handkerchief on her wound but Miss Junghwa stopped her. Everyone glared at Eunhye madly and Eunhye really felt guilty for her actions and she's actually fake and has no friends. So she breaks down crying and runs away outside. Miss Junghwa was worried for Eunhye because there's some JYPbies outside. Eunhye keeps crying in the hallway until she got bitten by the JYPbies. Miss Junghwa tries to save Eunhye but it's too late. So she quickly returns the room safely and sadly announced Eunhye got bitten. Miss Junghwa told the survivors to stay alive and went outside again to save Eunhye. They heard Miss Junghwa screaming as she got bitten by JYPbies and everyone starts crying. Hyori tries to hold her tears for what she did to Eunhye earlier. While Hyungjun punches his fist against the locker and screams 'shibal'.

Episode 4

After what happened to Eunhye and Miss Junghwa, everyone is sleeping and some of them are still crying. Kangta tells anyone what to do next but Jiwon suddenly farted and need to take his sh1t asap. But they can't leave the room since there's a lot of JYPbies. So he came up this idea to pee or take sh1t on the window. Myunghoon totally disagrees on Jiwon's idea because it's might be dangerous. So he made up a good idea and told everyone to help make a DIY toilet made from the available materials. Jiwon told everyone to move faster because he can't hold his sh1t anymore. When the DIY toilet is finished, Jiwon finally went in and releases his sh1t. After Jiwon, Kangta needs to pee but the sh1t really smells bad and tries to endure the smell. Danny takes the toilet next then Myunghoon.

At the restroom, Haejung, Joon Park, Eunjin, and Andy stay still but Haejung and Eunjin got into fight and saying 'shibal' to each other. The men tries to calm the girls down but the girls can't stop fighting.

The next morning, the girls also need to take the toilet and Shoo was forced to throw the sh1t away on the window but she throws the entire thing. Everyone were disappointed to Shoo. The survivors discusses another plan to escape and they need to get a cellphone from the staff office to call for rescue. Hyungjun and Kangta are going to get it and Bada told them to be careful from the JYPbies.

JYP finally appears after days, months, years, decades, and centuries. He didn't get bitten by the JYPbies and still in normal form. He saw his cat walking arounnd.

"Awww... Come here, my poosycat."

The cat jumped on JYP's arms and JYP pets him dearly. He puts down the cat and leaves as it's going to roam around the campus. He has plans to find and kill the remaining survivors inside.

Back to Hyungjun and Kangta, they reached to the staff's office to get their confiscated cellphones. They don't know where are their cellphones because the models are the same. They checked anyone else's phones if they're working and has signal but some of the phones are almost in low battery and no signal. The JYPbies are breaking in the staff's office so they quickly run away and seperated their ways. Hyungjun told Kangta that he'll come back to the broadcasting room. Kangta quickly jumps on the window way back to the broadcasting room and Hyungjun running away from the staff's office. While Hyungjun is running, JYP stopped him.

"Hey there, kid. Do you know me?"

Hyungjun doesn't know about JYP because they're not in the same class and he's a senior. He quickly runs away before it might be a JYPbie. JYP is very angry at Hyungjun for not knowing him and he raised his gun and going to shoot Hyungjun.

Episode 5

JYP is going to shoot Hyungjun and luckily, Hyungjun dodged the bullet by running around. JYP totally got pissed off and continues to chase Hyungjun. Hyungjun went to the library but there's JYPbies so he had no choice to climb in the bookshelves but a paranoid pushes Hyungjun off the floor. JYP also climbs in the bookshelves and a paranoid tries to push him off. Instead, he pushes the paranoid off to the JYPbies. Hyungjun climbs in the bookshelves again but he saw JYP in suspense and they started fighting. JYP points the gun to Hyungjun but Hyungjun kicked him on the balls and falls him to the JYPbies. He screamed for help but Hyungjun quickly runs away from him.

Hyungjun looks for a safe place to hide but all the rooms are filled with JYPbies. So he only hides in the air-vent passageway. Hyungjun opens the cellphone and dials the 119 but the call denied. He tries to dial the number again but it denied again. He calls over and over again but he realized, the phone has no signal and the battery is slowly goes down. After the phone goes down, he cries for help to rescue his friends from the JYPbies.

Haejung and friends left the restroom to find her brother, Danny. They keep searching for her brother but it's full of JYPbies and Haejung got worried she might killed her brother as a JYPbie. While they keep searching, Eunjin saw the nurse's office empty. Eunjin also saw a telephone and dials for help but it has no sign. Haejung opens the computer and going to email the rescue team but it said, the connection is down. Eunjin keeps dialing again and again, and Haejung told her there's no sign of connection. She rolled her eyes as there's no hope rescuing them from this disaster. Joon Park jumps off the window and told them to hurry up before the JYPbies coming to them. Haejung told Eunjin to jump first but Eunjin was scared as she thinks she's going to fall down. Joon Park told Eunjin to jump quickly while he's shooting the JYPbies. So Haejung pushed Eunjin off the window and jumps off. Andy jumps next then Haejung.

Kangta returns to the broadcasting room alone and apologizes to Bada and he assures Hyungjun will come back safely. Myunghoon wants to retrieve the drone they built for a long time but he needs help to carry the equipment. Bada volunteered to help Myunghoon and Kangta got worried that they might get bitten. They went up to the science lab and they saw the science lab empty. They help to find the missing equipment of the drone but a cat passed by to them. Bada was adored to see the cat and pets it. Myunghoon wondered why the cat get in the science lab. Out of his wonder, he told Bada to go back quickly to the broadcasting room before the JYPbies coming to them. They climb down again but Myunghoon was scared of heights again. Bada asks Myunghoon wants to hold him since he was scared of heights. Myunghoon blushed after hearing Bada's question and assures he can handle his fears. They went back to the broadcasting room safely. Myunghoon finishes the drone and the drone is finally flying, sharing with the small screen to see the footage.